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A few weeks ago, Entrecard embraced some changes and introduced a paid ad system which will provide revenue to the site and at the same time help sustain its services to its members by accepting paid ads from both bloggers and those outside of the community.

Weeks after the introduction of the paid ad system, cash out benefits are given to its members allowing them to exchange their unused credits when they reach the minimum threshold to qualify to redeem their so called “virtual currency” also known as EC or Entrecard Credits into dollar amounts then came along the exclusion of non-entrecard members from buying ad space within the community.

The move was bold when they introduced the paid ad system wherein a wider scope of revenue generation can be acquired. However, like most changes introduced into a large community like Entrecard, it is expected that some may not vouch.

A few days ago when I’ve checked the site, it had been down for hours which was pretty unusual and that according to its founder, Graham Langdon, they have worked on the server but it should be back to normal in no time and that he had to get some sleep because of it.

Just today, Entrecard has announced full acquisition by Los Angeles based ZipRunner, Inc. something that I never saw coming and not even every single blogger out there have any idea.

Now that Entrecard had been sold out, what future does it hold for Entrecard and its thousands of members after this takeover? We certainly don’t know. One thing for sure that I know of on why Graham Langdon gave up on Entrecard and I quote,

The result is that the drive and the motivation to give Entrecard my heart and soul waned. My passion for the project subsided.

There could be a lot of factors why this happened and with the announcement alone, it can be expected that many reactions will follow—negative and positive.

If you are an Entrecarder like me, let me leave you this question, are you bothered with this transition or you are confident that it will be for the better?

News Update (18Jul09):

Andrew Te, CEO of ZipRunner, Inc. has emailed all Entrecard members with a welcome note and a tone of excitement. if you can recall, Te became its board member back when it was six months old. Like most takeover or transition of ownership, there’s always will be the andrenaline rush of enthusiasm and positivity. Amen to that and I hope it wouldn’t fade like Graham’s. Back to reality, among his words and I quote,

“In closing, I would like to reiterate that ZipRunner is looking forward to working with Entrecard users and improving Entrecard services.  I only ask that you give us a chance and your patience.  Look for great things to follow in the coming weeks, and months.”

Are we looking at drastic changes here? I can’t speak for everyone else but let’s just hope for the best.

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  1. John says:

    Hopefully the sale of Entrecard will be a good thing as the new company will bring new ideas and the resources required to fix the problems.

  2. stevenwilson says:

    With Graham Langdon gone it would have to be better.The man is a total jerk.

  3. Mathdelane says:

    Let’s just hope the best for Entrecard and wish Graham Langdon goodluck.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Everyone hopes for a better Entrecard. In light of the series of events, I know that good things are yet to come.

  5. Mathdelane says:

    Not that most people know of. In fact, if you Google “ZipRunner” right at this moment, all you can see are mostly blog posts about Entrecard being acquired by the latter.

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