Windows Marketplace Final Notice: Digital Locker Service Set to Close

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Most of you who may not be familiar with Windows Marketplace or may have visited the site in the past but just couldn’t recall; they had transitioned from an e-commerce site to a reference site last 20 November 2008. Windows Marketplace formerly houses the links pointing to Microsoft Store, Windows Vista® Compatibility Center, and other destinations with compatible software, hardware and devices that support Microsoft platforms.

As part of this transition, the Digital Locker Service which was then affiliated with Windows Marketplace will be closed on August 31, 2009 giving way to the all new Microsoft Store. If you haven’t got the email from Microsoft, below is a sample of the email they sent.

Windows Marketplace Final Notice on Digital Locker Service Closing

Windows Marketplace Final Notice on Digital Locker Service Closing

In case you’ve made a purchase on Windows Marketplace, you certainly have acquired a digital locker account that allowed you to make the purchase, download and install products which also contains information about you, the software you purchased, including license information and the pieces of conversation you’ve had with resellers.

Make sure that you back up the contents of your digital locker account before they are permanently deleted and you only have a few more days left. And how do you make a back up?

  1. Print a copy of the software information from your account.
  2. Create a CD back up by following the instructions on FAQ #3.

Please note that BitLocker and EFS recovery keys will no longer be available after the closing. So what are you waiting for? Head on to Windows Marketplace and save those important files now! Do you have any memories to share about Windows Marketplace?

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  1. Oh wow, they just closed 2 weeks ago, I had no idea!

  2. Mathdelane says:


    It’s nice to have you here and thank you for leaving your first comment.
    Yes, they have closed. Why? Do you have an account with them?

  3. best satellite receiver says:

    Old things go and make way for new one and better one. This is life.

  4. Philip says:

    So your old information won’t carry over to the new platform? That is kind of a bummer.

  5. Mathdelane says:

    Unfortunately, yes.

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