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I have always been an advocate of great content and ever since I started blogging, providing value especially to my readers has been a top priority that’s why I intended to place job-related banners on my sidebar in order to give back to my readers some valuable stuff and not just mere revenue regenerating ads.

Along with that advocacy, this time, I’m featuring a newly established job site where Elgg savvy people looking for Elgg jobs and talent-seekers unite. In case you’ve never heard of the term Elgg, it refers to an open source social networking platform or software similar to Joomla and Drupal in many aspects such as codebase, content creation like blogs, and media sharing among others.

Like most social networking platforms having the characteristics of content creation for blogging, developers also create custom Elgg Plugins & Themes for its growing user base especially now that everyone’s going social from large companies to startups, schools, civic organizations to individuals and because open source software like Elgg is highly customizable and in demand, specialized skills are gaining exposure thus creating more jobs.

So, if you happen be to one talented Elgg developer that’s looking for the right opportunity at these trying times, simply head on to, sell your talent and network with fellow developers. Who knows, you just might end up having your dream job.

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