Google Pagerank Tsunami Hits the Last Days of 2009!

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I just came across a very unpleasing revelation to end the year however it’s just part of every blogger or webmaster’s life to be hit by Google once in a while or maybe frequently for some.


The Google pagerank of this blog has been stripped a notch and is now down to 3 from the previous 4 which isn’t giving me a totally happy face to end the year. My other friends’ blogs have also been stripped with their page ranks however I’m not going to tell who because it’s up for them to find out.

Google’s nasty caffeinated algorithm had finally taken its toll and is mercilessly affecting sites on shared hosting as they have advocated page loading speed as an added factor to rank in 2010. I’m not surprised that is this going to happen however this exaggerated move isn’t helping the web but it’s killing the content delivery networks especially blogs the benefit of ranking for highly relevant page positions that provides more quality content than static pages.

If this scenario continues to toll and blogs being hit left and right, I’m afraid the end is near for “quality content” but an unprecedented era of low quality content pages but optimized for speed ranking on the first page of Google.

Matt Cutts is definitely wrong in saying that Google will have its update by 2010 however its pretty clear that one of its data centers is doing otherwise.

Surprised? Yes I am. But life must go on and as long as I still have a day left to say goodbye to 2009, my hopes are still high and positive that somehow I’m just saying adios (goodbye) to all the challenging days of the year that’s coming to a close.

Have you been hit by Google’s latest pagerank wave? How will this change affect your perspective of 2010 in terms of search?

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  1. John Sullivan says:

    I was disappointed to see people’s blogs go down especially people that have been working real hard.When I first started my blog it seems like it was a PR4 out the gate, then after along time I went to 3 and just figured it was because I was transferring to much link juice which was ok with me,to me it’s all just random and doesn’t make much sense.I noticed when I was fixing a new blog and noticed that little green bar up to 2 I knew they came by but Google Page Rank has lost it’s appeal from when I first started back then people were like drug addicts waiting 🙂 Best wishes your blog still kicks ass no worries Happy New Year my friend
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..Do you STILL doubt do follow ? Google page rank update =-.

  2. Shane says:

    The question is: Will you see a difference in traffic because of the reduced PR?
    I don’t know myself. Seems to me that the PR stuff is almost non-significant these days. However, I agree that anything that affects bloggers negatively can’t be a good thing (I’m a blogger too, after all). I definitely welcome anything that puts a blog with good content ahead of a bunch of static pages.
    .-= Shane´s last blog ..Backlinks (RQR Basics) =-.

  3. Mathdelane says:

    Happy New Year John! Thank you for the boost. Now, I’m thinking that Google has long been fooling around since the internet. Why should I worry anyway? Congrats on your PR increase!

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Very true but if the quality of search results will be taken in jeopardy, I’m afraid that Google’s killing itself and is making its own version of 2012 for SERPs.

    Thanks for dropping by Shane.

  5. IrishWonder says:

    Do you eat and breathe by your blog’s pagerank so you should worry that much about it? Toolbar pagerank is just that – toolbar pagerank. Did it affect your positions? What did you really lose except for a few pixels on the toolbar? Come on, it’s not 2004 any more.

    As for shared hosting and page load speed – there surely are things to be done about the onpage optimization regardless of whether you host on a shared account or a private server, so not really an issue that cannot be handled.

  6. Mathdelane says:

    Your thoughts are welcome. In fact, I was surprised by your statements when in reality you’re selling SEO services for a company! And you’re trying to get some juice out of this blog. Not a clever move after all, it’s pretty obvious.

    Let me tell you this so as not to shame yourself, I don’t breathe pagerank but it does matter somehow. If you’re talking about the toolbar, the toolbar is less accurate by a mile and is too antiquated for a gauge. Now, who’s two thousand and late? You better polish your facts before engaging in a conversation.

    Clean up your act and do some research. You’re not even respectful when you leave your company’s URL on the namefield instead of your real name or what have you when there’s a comment policy in place. I’ve unlinked your URL because this blog does want to link to bad neighborhoods and SEO guru wannabies.

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