Brand Attachment for Fancy Bags This Holiday Season

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As you can see, I’ve just tweaked my theme to match the season of merry-making and part of that is also featuring great sites where you can buy the savviest and the fanciest gift items for your loved ones this Christmas.

After all, it’s a season of giving so why should I not share e-commerce sites which I think isn’t that expensive however there can always be exceptions and for people who dig louis vuitton, the luxury of having louis vuitton handbags is something worth spending if not ego boosting. I know some of you may raise their eye brows but the truth is; there are people so brand attached that they tend to patronize them whatever the cost can be.

Socialites who can afford louis vuitton bags simply fancy having the brand attached to them. We really cannot say that it’s insane to buy such pieces of expensive material things at this time of day but let’s face it; people have different values and likes.

Our attachments to brands are largely influenced by our experience although it varies due to so many factors, one thing that I could think of is a consumer expectation that has been exceed by the brand manufacturer otherwise, I couldn’t see any reason why a consumer would ever stick to the same brand or better yet brand loyalty would even sprung out marketing dictionaries.

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