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Choosing the best website hosting solution can be crucial to your website’s success. Be it a blog, an ecommerce or a business site, it is nowadays an intangible part of a webmaster’s requirement to have a reliable internet partner.

Web hosting providers play a vital part of a website’s internet presence mainly because a website needs to live and viewable on the Internet 24/7. Try to imagine an ecommerce site, if the web server goes down, how much revenue do you think might be lost if for example your site generates one thousand unique visitors a day? How many potential and repeat customers you may have lost because of the outage?

While there are so many web hosting providers and plans that cater individual needs of site owners, it all goes down to who can deliver 100% or even close when it comes to uptime. Sporadic outages are bad signs of web hosting reliability and everyone who had experience with hosting companies knows this unlike newbie site owners or webmasters.

Attractive prices and promotions are lurking the internet and new web hosting providers are sprouting like mushrooms so it’s advisable not to focus mainly on price but do a little research on your part. Normally, word-of-mouth recommendations work best. Try visiting for an extensive resource of web hosting rating and review information that will guide you in choosing the web hosting solution that will fit your needs.

Site uptime is the most important performance metric of web hosting excellence however we should not discount that there are also some factors that need to be considered like disk space, bandwidth, and data transfer allotment among others especially when choosing a web host.

If you’re wondering how much disk space you may need to require in case you’re starting up a site, the article “How Much Disk Space Do You Really Need?” can help a great deal.

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  1. Louis vuitton handbags says:

    Successful blogging starts with a Pro Blog Design. A unique, eye-grabbing design is all it takes for people to notice your blog and give your content the attention it deserves.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    You certainly have a point here however, does a good blog or website design compensate a site uptime?

  3. Grayce Saade says:

    Is there a law in the US about online sales including hosting, relating to being mandatory to have a recognised address on the contact page or is this only in the EU because it seems very simple to disappear overnight as some of these “hosting companies”are doing without this. How can you get redress if you can’t give an address to your lawyer.Thoughts and comments please.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    As far as CAN SPAM act is concerned, a physical address is required on email marketing. Some web hosting resellers do this however I think it’s a bad move since nobody’s going to trust your company if you cannot provide an identity.

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