6 Reasons Why Localized Domains Are Better Than Generic TLDs

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Webmasters have long been attracted to the .com and .net TLDs since the web started to boom but as the web evolves and the battle for search engine rankings become highly coveted, online users are coming up with a more specific search criteria that most of the search engine results pages could not perfect and due to the vast amount of online information, the advantage of local domains are taking place.

Bloggers and web developers who are targeting the local audience are considering domain search under the local domain extension such as .ph for Philippines or .ca for Canada and .co.uk for the UK. Almost every domain name right now has its local counterparts especially with big ecommerce sites and domain name search is becoming much of a burden but regardless, the returns are more appealing because of these reasons:

1. Since local domains are geared toward local users or audiences, small businesses benefit on organic searches and since they are geo-targeted, most results can help users find establishments in the local area being the listing first on the serps.

2. As mentioned earlier, since big businesses have local counterparts, it’s sometimes easier for them to extend scope and gather more eyes since some local directories only accept local domain listings.

3. Geo-location affects search engine results and this impacts the number of clicks a site gets and since local domains are targeted, they get more leads instead.

4. While local domains are geared towards target market, this not only boost business presence but also link popularity. Sites in the same geographical area are more likely to link to a website in the same geographical area thus getting more link juice from local sources.

5. The mere fact that localized domains attract more links, they also have the more powerful internal links. As per SEO value, internal links are helpful in keeping the link juice from flowing within the pages of a site.

6. Though Google favors the .com being a TLD (top-level domain), in terms of today’s search algorithm, a local domain normally outranks a .com site with the same content on local search results pages or local versions of search.

The advantages of localized search are becoming apparent as businesses become more locale and specific. With search results rankings becoming more competitive than ever, the shifting of focus on this area gives much hope for smaller businesses and startups to gain momentum and survive in this sluggish economic conditions.

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  1. Sreejesh says:

    Ooh grt view on this, Maybe thats why U’ve choose to go with .info domain for this site

  2. Mathdelane says:

    .info is still generic, back then when I wanted to get the .com version, it wasn’t available so I settled with .info instead. Local domains on my country could have been .com.ph or .ph.

  3. Akhilesh Sharma says:

    But isn’t it a fact that most advertising products rate audience from US as the best. So, going for a localized domain in a niche such as yours would definitely harm your potential earnings because your website would get beaten in the .com versions of search results. I would only recommend ccTLD’s only for businesses that are truly ‘local’. 🙂

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