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For the past several months, I’ve been very transparent with my unspeakable web hosting experience in belief that it would somehow help those of you who are still on the verge of looking for a better web hosting provider.

My web hosting saga never ends here although at present, I’m happy with the way things are going, it’ll give more justice if I’d be able to share with you few players in the web hosting industry today that I had been a part of for sometime but was never pleased.

I started self-hosting this blog when I purchased this domain from Namecheap.com sometime in February of this year and was free hosted by Byethost. Byethost free hosting was very attractive and somebody who’s just starting up will find them very useful.

However, free sometimes has its downside. Ticketing system takes a day to be resolved, no support for scripting issues especially for free subscribers. I could have been happier but when my blog was hacked, it became the turning point of testing them out on how they would respond to challenging support issues. I never got a straight response instead I was a offered an upgrade to premium because according to them, I would be assisted if I did.

The upgrade alone became a hurdle. I’ve paid via Paypal but never got a confirmation and login details to cPanel and I can’t wait for an entire day for it so I brought up the issue via Paypal dispute and the headache was over.

Weakest points: Payment system isn’t organized. Response system for new registrations and upgrade are not immediate. Email system is atrocious and unprofessional. Premium plans are rather cheap but chances of getting headaches are very high because downtime (although not sporadic) takes days and not hours.

One dollar web hosting can always attract the thrift seeker. You can be blinded by this offer especially if bandwidth and disk space is what you’re after but imagine how this one dollar can screw up your site and lose revenue more than the amount you ever want to save?

I have learned my lesson the hard way over the tacky one dollar web hosting at Webhostingworld.net. Don’t fall for this trap because you just don’t know what you’re getting into.

Pitfalls: Rude and incompetent chat agents, inconsistent support, bridge of privacy—they access your customer account and deletes your support tickets anytime they want (without your consent) even if the issues are not resolved, blocks your access to chat system if they don’t like you or hate you for complaining even if it’s not too much.

They don’t give a damn whether you’ve upgraded or not because at anytime, you’re site can go down and they don’t know what to do. Chat support will attempt to help but instead of helping your site go back online, they’ll screw it up further until you’re helpless.

They don’t refund your entire money even though you’ve paid for their screwed up service for a year. If you upgraded service, they’ll refund the amount you paid to upgrade but the amount you’ve paid for the entire year before you upgraded will remain on their pockets.

Sporadic outages occur at least one or two days within a week in long hours, not minutes. There’s no avenue for voicing out your complain or suggestions. If you’re hosting a site with them at this very moment, backup your site and leave otherwise if you complain and get refunded, your access to your cPanel would be gone immediately like lightning speed. It’s a dead end over there so save yourself from stress.

Web hosting awards and web hosting review tack ratings and testimonials can do much favor for a web hosting provider to look trustworthy and reliable but always beware because you never know if those awards are legitimate.

Let’s base it on the fact that Justhost.com portrays such a savvy image with their homepage flaunting every single badge they can to make themselves stunning. But behind those heavily posted badges is a troublesome service.

Drawbacks: Justhost.com is just another faulty web hosting service you wouldn’t want your site hosted on. Like any disgusting web hosting providers, their chat agents are ultimately rude above all others plus they could ban you on their chat system forever if they wanted to. Complainers don’t have a door for them and they’ll keep you shut when they can.

If you ever run into some errors with your site, they’ll blame you or your plugin if you’re a WordPress user instead of helping you out. If you ever ask for a refund, they’ll give it to you right away but remember to back up before they totally close their doors to you and lose your site forever. It happened to me but I was able to save my files before they did it.

They’re a bunch of crooks that don’t deserve your business. Your $3.95 or $4.95 can do better for you elsewhere.

This Goes Out To. . .

At present, this blog is hosted by Bluehost.com through a relative’s recommendation (who’s a blogger from Kansas City). Word-of-mouth recommendation really works and for bloggers who have been through all the ups-and-downs of web hosting knows it reasonably.

I’m not blatantly recommending Bluehost as the best hosting provider but they have saved this blog when I transferred from Justhost. The loss of revenue from the Justhost scenario was very awful and Bluehost came just in time when Google made the Pagerank update a couple of weeks ago and I was thankful that Software Critics went up to from PR2 to PR4 in just a few months. This blog haven’t turned one year yet but having such an accomplishment after the roller coaster ride is something to be thankful for.

You guys made it possible and with the help of Bluehost for relatively bringing the site up all day and night is worth every single cent. Bluehost may have some blunders but overall, the uptime is pretty reliable and the chat agents are pretty helpful and awesome.

Tony S. of Bluehost chat went the extra mile assisting me on the first few days of the transition. It was smooth indeed. Bluehost email technical support may not be that perfect because they don’t have dedicated email agents per email support case however this issue can be addressed if you’ll specify on the email that you only wanted one specific agent to handle your concern. The chat support however is probably the best that you can get more than any web hosting company today.

Changing host like I said on my previous posts is a tedious task but if it’s for the better then do it. Don’t let crappy web hosting pull you down and your efforts to go waste.

Note: The Namecheap and Bluehost links on this post are my affiliate links which means I get a handful in return you when sign up under me which I’d really appreciate because it will help sustain this blog. Regarding the photo above, if you find it too offensive, please let me know. I wasn’t able to find an emotionally stronger photo so I tried putting that in.

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  1. After your post about your 4th move to another host, I’ve been waiting for this post to come. In the event I need to transition to another host, I at least know where ‘not’ to go.

    Although I don’t agree a hundred percent, I have to admit that in most cases, the gurus were right when they said that you get what you pay for. As to the picture you used, OMG, that exactly is what I’m gonna use had I been through your experience too.

    Thanks Math for the ‘don’t go this way’ signboard.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Just Got Brian’s Promotional Buttons =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    It’s nice to see you again, James.
    I wouldn’t mind spending this time for hosting because at this stage of my blog, reliable hosting is something that I needed especially when I’m gaining momentum and don’t want to lose focus.

    Regarding the photo above, I was quite hesitant to embed it at first but your approval is more than enough to keep it there. Thanks!

  3. Lahiru says:

    Though I found this post well after almost 2 years since first posted, I still can verify in end of August 2011 that JustHost really is not worth the money. Ever since I transferred my sites there, I had nothing but trouble. The sites were down at least 3 times a day! When complained, all they say is my IP was whitelisted or to Crtl+F5 or that it works at their end. Duh! When sites fail, I tried through proxies to make sure it’s not just my end and I got the same errors. It’s either 502 Bad Gateway or 504. I added my sites to UptimeRobot so I get notifications when sites are down. Every day I got handful of notices for site failures. One of my sites bounce rate went from around 3% to 84%! Not to mention I lost income from that. After 2 months of waiting JustHost to man up, which they didn’t, I transferred my sites elsewhere 🙂 My advice, don’t go with any “unlimited” this and that host. They usually squeeze in as many sites as possible on servers so it’s best to go with limited hosts who provides a growth plan (more space/bandwidth, VPS, dedicated in case your site grows). Oh and STAY AWAY from JustHost if you have serious websites.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Lahiru, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there that’s why I got rid of JustHost’s services. By the way, your website have 404 links all over. You might want to check it out.

  5. Luke says:

    Hi, interestingly JustHost is the best provider I have had so far. In my opinion everybody experiences in a different way.If JustHost is that bad, then try 123-reg, freehosting.com..then compare it. 🙂

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