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My web hosting experience was never a close book for the readers of this blog. I’ve through all the ups and downs of web hosting but the best thing about all these experiences is being able to learn from it but the best consolation would be sharing such experiences into a wider audience for the benefit of the many.

There are basically a lot of things to learn about web hosting that I have covered in the past and probably one of the best advice is doing your research instead of grabbing attractive deals that you can find left and right.

Choosing the best web hosting solution for your business or personal portfolio is crucial to your success however you don’t always have to settle for cheap hosting instead focus on the benefits of getting a reliable service which you can actually get ideas from web hosting review sites. There are so many of them to give you much information that you need however I would consider word-of-mouth recommendations to be highly effective.

I never would have less worry if I didn’t ask for my cousin’s recommendation. I’m glad I did. Don’t be attracted to deals and pricing instead do your homework and seek for the best.

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  1. Isaac says:

    My first web hosting was a nightmare. It was so expensive while offering very limited features. It was a bad experience, but still an experience that I can learn things from. Now I have moved to another hosting which is better and offer reasonable features with reasonable price.

  2. Jacc Slade says:

    Cheap hosting do not mean low quality always. The price should be reasonable. If a

    host is providing unlimited space and bandwidth for a low cost, then don’t trust

    them. there is nothing called unlimited in web hosting. If someone is advertising

    so, then they are lying. Before going for a cheap host, it is always good to ask

    existing or past customers or check their reviews in some forums.

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