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Ranking for Google has been the most concerns of almost all webmasters and SEO practitioners over the years. Since Google is the leading search engine, everyone wants to be in it and to be on top of it, you obviously have to be on top of your game. But who could possibly say they’ve mastered the Google algorithm and can make the site’s rank at number 1 that easy?

If someone would ever come across as an expert and can make your website rank at the top in less than X months, you better start running away and save your money for something else.

Google has not endorsed any SEO company nor they have openly disclosed their ranking algorithm and search engine practices. They have only setup and released some guidelines for people to follow. The rest is for everyone to figure out for themselves on how they could please the Google bot.

Blogging since 2008, I have figured out that Google has always loved unique and quality content. Something that is shareable. With the use of social media nowadays, everything can get viral and someone can be famous overnight. This may sound like a broken record but it’s true.

While Google has demoted link farms and link building over the years, they have not totally discounted the importance of links however, they have emphasized fully that links must be relevant to the content. Keywords maybe important for the bots but Google have lessen its power since so stop stuffing keywords to your site or Google will look at it as spamming.

Some of the many technical aspects of search engine optimization include sitemap submission via Google Webmaster Tools, Canonicalization, site audit which may include getting rid of spammy links and dead links, and of course, site stats understanding via Google Analytics. SEO search marketing, as some call it, is a cumulative effort of putting all the processes together in order to get high search engine results.

Choosing to do it by yourself or with the help of a company is going to be a huge decision. Either way, it can be very challenging to say the least and it requires a reasonable amount of time to results.

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