Secure Your Blogs: Upgrade to WordPress 2.8.5

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Just recently, the blogosphere had been targeted by malicious hackers that affected a lot of blogs and created so much hiatus that its effect was felt on Twitter.

I have experienced this scenario since 2.7 and for those who blogged earlier than I do, perhaps since WordPress came into the scene.

Software Critics was once hacked back in June. I didn’t upgrade the WordPress install then to the latest version. Perhaps it was one of the main reasons why this blog’s security was compromised.

Fight php script vulnerabilities and WordPress blog hacking by updating religiously to the latest release version. Now its 2.8.5 and it was announced a few days ago. Among the highlights of the hardening release for this version includes fix for the Trackback Denial-of-Service attack, Removal of some areas within the core code where some php codes had been evaluated, whitelisting of the file upload functionality for all users and admins, and removal of two tag importers from old plugins.

Prevent your WordPress blogs from being hacked by ensuring that you upgrade to the latest release. I’m sure most web hosts have one click upgrade options available for their customers. You may also get the service of WordPress Exploit Scanner plugin to check for suspicious files and unusual filenames on your website. You may also try to use AntiVirus for WordPress for scanning your templates to protect your blog against exploits and spam injections.

Is your blog already upgraded?

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  1. Is there no end to all these wordpress hacking?

    I hope my hosting provider is quick on the update thingy this time. The last time, it took them awhile to offer a one-click update to 2.8.4.

    The good side about this is that it keeps the wordpress guys busy upgrading and making wordpress better and better. Otherwise, there wouldn’t any motivation for them to work further. After all, wordpress seems already perfect as far as blogging is concerned.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..My Western Digital External USB Hard Drive =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    WordPress being an open source blogging software is not an exemption to vulnerabilities but as long as the community remain supportive of each other then we wouldn’t have to worry about any future threats to security.

    Your web host should be updated too or should I say be responsive with regards to these updates otherwise it’s you that’ll be in jeopardy in the long run. My web host have actually upgraded on the same day the update was released so I’m grateful that I’ve hosted with them.

    Thanks for the comment James and I hope this wouldn’t be your last here.

  3. …”Thanks for the comment James and I hope this wouldn’t be your last here.”…

    Oh no. I assure you, this wouldn’t be my last comment. I am a regular follower of Sire’s wassupblog, Brian’s extremeezine, etc, although I don’t comment that often. Seeing that you are one of their friends makes you mine too (if that’s ok with you, of course). 🙂

    I am easing myself back in the blogging scene. I am hoping I could update my own blog a little more often than before. You see, having a day job makes it quite difficult to tend it regularly. I am learning as I go, thanks to some educational articles from the likes of Sire, Brian, ExtremeJohn, etc. I see that you are also offering a lot of informational articles. This article for instance gave me the heads up on the necessity to update to 2.8.5.

    Thanks buddy.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..My Western Digital External USB Hard Drive =-.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Thanks! James,
    I’m glad this wasn’t your last. I’m flattered to be included as one of your friends. Of course, you’re welcome to be one, at least I have someone new. It feels great to have new blogging friends coming in. Welcome aboard! 🙂

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