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A few days ago, this blog was offline due to web hosting problems which means I’ve transferred again to a different service provider after some unresolved service issues that includes chat agent rudeness, incapacity to answer support tickets via email and sporadic outages that takes hours to merely half-a-day before being rectified.

It’s really a pain in the neck and a horrible experience. Loosing revenue alone each day kills my chances of paying the rent. Well, these are just one of the many web hosting issues I got over with and will have to take into account as they are inevitable but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going (reminds me of Joseph P. Kennedy, the father of (U.S.) President John F. Kennedy immortalized by Billie Ocean’s song).

Changing web hosts is probably one of the most dreaded task webmasters or bloggers could get into but having to do it four times in less than a year of blogging, I’ve already learned a lot of things. Learning is an endless process anyway.

One of the craziest things that I have ever come across during my web hosting journey was getting an unlikely answer which I could hardly describe. I’m not really good at writing farce or sarcasm and neither that I’m into it but a certain response that I got from a support ticket made me jump off my seat.

Out of nowhere the answer was like,

“Hey, I’m from Pluto and you’re from Earth. How would I know?”

Alright, let me get this straightened out. Here’s what the story is all about.

I recently transferred hosting and I was setting up the RSS Feed for this site. I was trying to find the FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin but I couldn’t find it the WordPress plugins repository so I checked all over the web but to no avail (I was able to find it after some days).

I then thought of maybe placing a conditional redirect from to, as you can see, the only difference is this “-“(hyphen/dash).

My previous host did it for me so I was expecting that my current host would do so. I asked for assistance via chat but was advised to address the issue via their email ticketing support.

I guess you already know what my question would be. So, here’s the first answer I get.

Email Support Agent A said:

“In your account under the domain section you can setup a redirect with the redirect tool in the cPanel.”

While this seems quite reasonable, I don’t get the idea why this answer came out. Does he know it’s a domain?

Email Support Agent B said:

“You can set up a .htaccess redirect.”

This sounds reasonable which I think what my previous host did but to think that I was asking them to do it for me, common sense isn’t that very common? What’s disappointing about this response is that I was given like facts from their knowledgebase which most web forums and help pages provide but I’ve already been there and that’s not what I’m asking.

Finally, here’s the answer that has blown me away so hold on to your seat,

Email Support Agent C said:

“Your previous host still has the domain name pointing to it:
Created on…………..: 2003-12-01.
Expires on…………..: 2014-12-01.
Record last updated on..: 2009-09-04.

Domain servers in listed order:

these are google’s nameservers, not ours. We can’t create a redirect for a domain name which we don’t host. If you would like to add this domain to your account, and point it to our nameservers, then a redirect would take effect.”

What?! Does this guy even know that Google owns and I don’t? I wish I do because if so, then I’d be rich!

See attached email below:

Outrageous Web Hosting Support Response

Outrageous Web Hosting Support Response

What an out-of-this-world answer could this be! I never would have expected this coming from a web hosting provider.

This is so outrageous!

FacesIf you have your fair share of crazy web hosting responses, do share it below.

P.S. I had it resolved somehow, email ticket never got resolved. I’ll let you know on my succeeding posts what I did.

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  1. Changing web hosts four times within a year?! Those previous hosts must be awful. I wish you could enumerate them out (if it’s alright to do so) so that in the event we change hosts, we won’t make the mistake of going to them.

    In my almost 8 months of blogging, I’ve not met anything as ‘outrageous’ as your experience and hopefully I never would. Like you said, although I’ve never tried it, changing hosts must be dreadful. The only support-related experience I’ve had that is sort of annoying is with a bank which issued the card I used to verify my paypal account with.

    I hope you’ve found your ideal web host this time, Math.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..First 100 Dollar Earning Online =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hi James,
    Yes, that is true. I’ve changed hosting four times in less than a year of blogging. I may have had the not so pleasant experience but I have learned a lot of things along the way which is something positive although ironic it may seem.

    I’ll let you know on my upcoming posts what are these hosting companies I’ve been a subscriber with. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

    P.S. I’ve read your post about the bank issue and I must say that it was really dreadful.

  3. Nathaniel Ong says:

    You’ve got it really bad there… I do hope you got a good host now. It’s definitely difficult changing hosts. I’ve actually moved hosts many times as well, but they’re more from free hosting to another free hosting. I can tell how hard it must’ve been for you, especially that your site generates much traffic, unlike mine at that time.

    The first time I moved to paid hosting, I wasn’t satisfied as well. I went on a vacation and when I came back, my site was in a wreck. Apparently, they have changed servers without me knowing. When I raised a ticket, here was their reply: “We thought you understood the terms when you registered, that users are responsible for backing up files.” Yes it was my responsibility. What I was angry at was the fact that they failed to inform their clients about it through email, the most basic of all formal internet communications. It wasn’t the first time I encountered problems with their service, so I decided to switch. I’m happy with my current host so far.
    .-= Nathaniel Ong´s last blog ..Office 2007 Converters and Backwards Compatibility =-.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Nathan,
    Like what I’ve said, these unforeseen and rather sour experiences are inevitable. When it happened, I could hardly sleep and the loss of revenue disgusts me. It’s a good thing though that these events happened before the recent Google update otherwise my site would have not benefited from it.

    It’s nice to know that you’re happy with your current hosting provider. Hopefully, I’d share the same feeling toward my current host. I have paid for an entire year subscription and so far things are going fine. You would be surprised with my upcoming post about the web hosting providers I’ve been through including the one that gave such a dumb funny response above.

  5. Extreme John says:

    That is def one wild web hosting story thats for sure, I have one that could top it though 🙂

    Just look up Alpha Red and see how they collapsed, I can’t even begin to tel you how many dedicated servers I lost in that deal.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..5 Ways Blogging Can Kill You =-.

  6. Mathdelane says:

    That’s one rough ride, John! I could hardly imagine if I were in your position at that time. You must have lost lots of money transacting with them, didn’t you?

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