Making Pnyxe Comment System and Forum Widget Work for You

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Working with websites for more than a couple of years has really opened up avenues for first-hand experience that is by and large something that not anyone could get from formal classroom training. Successful websites get visitors, returning visitors, and endless traffic without much media promotion and of course, recurring revenues. And with the advent of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, there are more sources of visitor and traffic surge if enough efforts are undertaken. Not to mention, using the right tools to get traffic.

While most blogs and websites utilize a comment system, not all comment systems end up being effective for its purpose. A regular comment system require a name and an email address to be typed in on a comment box which is pretty basic, however giving an email address that you frequently use is not very ideal for the fact that getting spam from these websites you put your email on can be very risky so the idea of getting a comment posted on a website without having to type-in an email address or even your name is a good option and that’s what Pnyxe’s Comment System offers.

Pnyxe comment system

On the other hand, web admins who essentially want to build friendship or professional relationships with other web admins or authors can interact and be noticed using a comment system where you can achieve reputation over time. The higher that reputation value, the more you get from it and eventually you become a thought leader in the industry you’re in and if you’re trying to build a reputation in your niche, that’s definitely a plus.

Most comments systems like Disqus, Intense Debate and JS-Kit has offered comment linking to social networking profiles which means, an commenter can have his comment posted on Twitter and Facebook aside from having it posted on the site where one lefts a comment which is ideal if you want to bring traffic back to that site. Pnyxe comment system does the same thing plus that comment can also be sent via email to anyone you like, which is a great option to those who wants a little privacy and only wants to share things to selected people.

Although a comment system can be enough, most sites are also engaging in a community they want to build for their user base and having a forum is a solution. A forum widget can definitely add user interaction and staying power for web visitors which are very important for any web master. User or readership engagement is something you cannot acquire overnight without putting in so much effort and valuable content altogether.

Comment systems and forum integration can be very easy add-ons to have on a website but the question is, do you have what it takes to make it work with your content and how much effort are you willing to put in?

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