Learning the Basics of SEO for Marketing Efficiency

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The emergence of social media networks validated the need for businesses to build strong customer relationship. While Facebook and Twitter leads the mainstream social media channel, we still cannot discount the fact that searches online are massive and as millions of users around the globe converge on the internet, SEO has just become an enormous battleground for start-ups and existing businesses in order to thrive and survive.

With almost every SEO practitioners striving to get higher search engine rankings on the big three—Google, Yahoo and Bing, the nature and technicality of SEO has been long vague and unexplored. It has remained unravelled up to this time despite unprecedented studies and experiments conducted by various web masters and internet marketing geniuses.

However, knowing the basics from search engine advice give a much clearer view on how to look at SEO from a marketing stand point. Ecommerce website solutions from SEO Dallas provide most of its clients a clear view of what’s needed to be achieved. As Google continues to change its ranking algorithm, the main turning point of SEO practice is to have it aligned to what works and what doesn’t.

Google search results

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enables websites to appear on web search results in a numerically ordered sequence with the first having the closest relevance to a search term or query being made with so many factors affecting each rankings including but not limited to local factors which affects search results depending on establishments of proximity of where the search has been made online, e.g. a user from the United States are more likely to see establishments from the US or near his IP or area if he chose to use “hotel” as a search term also called local search.

Pay per click advertisers; however, utilize the upper portion of search results, normally seen right above the organic search results in Google wherein these establishments or companies pay for a certain amount on a specific keyword and bids on it on Google. The winner with the highest bid takes the first spot for that specific search term.

In normal practice, it is very difficult to achieve the first spot in the organic search results, it even takes years especially on highly competitive keywords such as computers, hotels, cars, etc., the more weight a webmaster gives on long tail specific keywords, the more likely that a webpage gets a spot, at least in the top ten but then, the page’s content gives more weight to make it more relevant to a particular search term or keyword.

Marketers, who know as least, the basics on how to get SEO work to their advantage, the more likely they are to achieve the desired rankings for their business in search results pages (SERP).

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