Google Pagerank Storm: Are You Hit?

October 22, 2010 | By | 6 Replies More

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For quite sometime that I have been waiting for another pagerank update from Google, it was to my surprise that Software Critics was hit. It wasn’t just a hit, it was a hard one. A downhill fall from Pagerank 3 to nothing was quite disappointing but there’s really nothing much that I could do now, it already happened. For this alone, I would have to wait for a few more months to find out if things would change in case I decided to change my SEO strategies.

NASA´s Terra Satellite Catches Powerful Supertyphoon MegiSuper Typhoon Juan (Megi) has gone away and so as the pagerank of this site but what remains is my positive outlook that somehow, I could still get it back. I’m not really that obsessed with pagerank than I was when I’m still starting this site. Monetizing this virtual space was my first priority when I started blogging but as I learn new things, I have been exposed to the many realities that webmasters face and one of which was Google’s occasional pagerank surprises.

There’s no sense in being sad but what’s really ironic is the consistent amount of traffic this site is getting regarless. This only means that pagerank is not the end of everything. SERPs work differently in treating which page of a site is relevant to a user’s query. I don’t need a site with high pagerank but no traffic.

Well, life goes on. Who cares about Google’s pagerank anyway? That algorithm which no one knows how it’s computed (and quite over hyped) can only do far worse than keeping the self-esteem of a person who only wants to write and share his thoughts.

If you’ve been blogging enough for quite sometime, you’ll know that oftentimes Google is just a pain in the neck so smile when that pr bar becomes white for white is cleanliness…a fresh new start. But when it turns Green, you’ll know it’s harvest time. Everyone has its own season.

Are you having a fresh new start or harvesting the bounty that Google dictates?

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  1. Dana says:

    Is the update that you mention here, the October page rank update? I ask since my blog pagerank has no change since January 2010.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    It was the October 2010 PR update…If you have retained your blog’s PR then good for you.

  3. My blog remained at 2. So, I may have not been hit with this recent pr storm. But I’ve been at 2 for a really long time I’m tired of its stagnancy. What are google’s criteria for PR anyway? I now know it’s not necessarily traffic. My traffic has grown considerably but somehow its PR didn’t.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Hi James,
    Good to see you back!

    I care less about PR. I can only hope for it but traffic brings in revenue especially with Adsense. It’s good to know that your blog is constantly progressing. Keep it up! Don’t sweat the pr thing.

  5. Rajesh says:

    Well, its really pain to get your PR down from 3 to nil. Seriously, Google is such a sick!!! Anyways, its good to know that you have got the same traffic as earlier. Because, it becomes very difficult to maintain traffic if major source of traffic is from search engines particularly Google. Low PR results in drop in SERP and thus drop in traffic.
    All the best friend. Happy blogging.

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