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Google seems to be jumping on every single platform it can get its hands into and surprisingly, their URL shortening service, made its debut. Although there’s no way that anybody can just go into the site and shorten a URL just like stand-alone shortening services like,, etc., however is only available on Google products—Feedburner and Google Toolbar and to think that generally, blogs mostly have RSS feeds powered by Feedburner, it’s pretty clear that Google has capitalized its massive influence on RSS powered sites/blogs.

Feedburner Socialize Service Using Shortening Service from Google

Feedburner Socialize Service Using Shortening Service from Google

To give you a better view on how you can take advantage of this service, log into your Feedburner account and Under the publicize page, you can find the Socialize service on Feedburner. This feature allows you to connect your feed to the real-time social web which means your feeds will automatically appear on your favorite social networks which at present only supports Twitter and can only post a feed on a single Twitter account.

Formatting options however must be within 140-character limit otherwise messages longer than normal will be truncated. Posts depending on your liking could either be just the post feed title, title and body, or the body as the tweet while feed item permalinks will be rewritten using Google’s URL shortener. These links will then be redirected to the normal Feedburner URLs for analytics tracking consistency plus the ability to RT your shortened URLs using “Leave room for retweets” option.

Hash tags are also an added option based on item categories. Custom messages can also be added preceding or following the message that is created using shortened URLs. For the meantime, only five news updates can be posted for every feed update.

The keyword filter function will then filter the shortened links to be broadcasted based on a given keyword in a category. A preview is also available to let you see how your tweets will appear given your chosen Socialize options but only new feed items will be tweeted after the service is activated.

With this recent move from Google, I’m pretty sure that it will lessen the use WordPress of plugins that auto-posts newly published articles on Twitter and decreased number of users on third-party web apps doing the same. There would be a sudden shift in number and it can be huge.

How do you think will plugin developers and third-party providers react to this move by Google? We might be seeing a great monopoly of Google on almost every scale but do see it as it is? Your comments are welcome.

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  1. Sire says:

    Talk about getting in on the act lol.

    Must peeve them off not to have thought of service first. Thanks for the info, it will allow me to do things a lot easier now that it’s all set out for me.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Of Gary Vaynerchuk And His Belief That You Can Cash In On Your Passion =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    It does help lessen the use of third party feed boosters however it’s not even close to real time compared to API from WP plugins and Twitterfeed.

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