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Getting the right web hosting solution for your website or blog is not an easy task. I’ve learned it the hard way and having to transfer from several web hosting providers for four times in than less than a year is no joke.

To get a hint about the savviest players in this industry is primarily the first goal you should be having because these are avenues where major web hosting companies are gauged with regard to performance and reliability.

Hosting blunders is something you wouldn’t want to commit unless you’re not serious enough with what you do. Being novice in the virtual world is not an excuse for lack of information since everything is already within your reach.

If you’re someone who’s looking into the option of getting your online business to the next level, web hosting review sites like will certainly make a great deal out of your internet investment because it will show you the ins and outs of web hosting atrocities from rants and failures to benefits and options.

Choosing the most effective and reliable web hosting solution can become a struggle or a gamble but only those who are willing to pay the price often end victorious.


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  1. Cool. My webhost appears to be listed there. But Bluehost gets the the top position with a whooping 95% rating. Do you think this rating and review system of upperhost is factual? I mean it could be part of an affiliate system and thus the reviews may lean towards making things look colorful for the purpose of enticing a sale. If we can trust this rating system, this would be one cool resource for me to remember because as the number of websites I’m handling ( both for me and my boss), grows, I might be looking eventually for some other host besides the one we’re using now.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Track Cell Phone =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hi James,
    It’s typical for web hosting review sites to rank web hosting providers with tack ratings and all that kind of statistics but it certainly would hurt their reputation if they do favor one entity over the other or even their own service provider just to get affiliate commissions.
    Although we cannot discount such possibilities to occur, the great thing about some web hosting review sites is that reviews actually mirrors user experience although you wouldn’t know which is genuine however in my opinion, I’d rather prefer reading random rants than cool raves which could either be just made up by the companies themselves in order to come out clean.
    Right now, I’m satisfied with Bluehost because everything’s working so well especially with 100% uptime which I track using a third party provider and the support was awesome. You can give them a look if you want.

  3. hussy says:

    I just recently fell in love with Tumblr, which is free to host onto your own domain name. unlike wordpress or blogger. still playing with it, but it seems like fun with a bit of potential.

  4. cool opp… 😀 i hope i’ll get this one as well.. 😀

  5. Mathdelane says:

    Tumblr works like Blogger and too, the domain you purchased needs to propagate with Tumblr’s server in order to work so you can use your own domain. Tumblr hosts your blog for free on their servers and blog using their scripts and I doubt if you even have access to FTP.

  6. Mathdelane says:

    You must have forgotten, you got this one first before the disclosure update happened.

  7. aw.. oo nga. di ko agad napansin na upperhost pala ito. lol
    .-= enjayneer of JAYtography´s last blog ..The 1st Sinukwan Kapampangan Film Festival this December =-.

  8. Mathdelane says:

    That’s perfectly fine, Jaypee. Thanks for stopping by.

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