Domain Registration Advice for the New Year

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The New Year brings a lot of optimism and lots of promise. To the webmasters, like me, choosing the cheapest domain name registration service as much as possible is the only way to go. Personally, I have several domains and every year, I register domains at least two or more new ones on the entire course of the year which can be higher in other webmasters, website developers, or internet marketers who wishes to expand their reach on other online endeavors.

I certainly agree on getting the cheapest domain name registration service whoever, there are still several considerations that needs to be studied when getting one. Unlike web hosting, domain registration can be a little easier. All you need to have is a reliable domain registrar with ICANN accreditation and has a reputable customer service plus allows you to transfer your domains to other domain registrars with ease as some may be difficult to work with especially with policies of staying in the same registrar for several years.

Web hosting services also offer domain registrations alongside their hosting package offers in order to lure new customers, while this can be very convenient for starters, if you wish to transfer your domain to other domain registrar, you would have to deal with their policies in terms of domain transfers which can be a bit of a hassle.

As a bit of advice, it is good to have a separate domain name registrar for your domains instead of having your domain registered through your web hosting service provider. This way, you can easily switch web hosting service in the future without going through the hassle of transferring your domains to another host.

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