When Companies Play Down on Blogs: Who Casts the Stone?

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Promising blogs get traction from direct advertisers—niche or non-niche focused they can be up to the point that some advertisers try to offer something in exchange.

This system is never new, and of course, publishers who would like to earn or make something out of their blogs by trying to become advertiser friendly would definitely embrace the idea.

Sometimes, countless good bloggers even provide their reviews and services for free simply as a result of good communication and trust.

However, if trust has been hammered by a question of character and belittlement, the consequence of such action can be detrimental to good relationships.

Betrayal of Trust

Companies approach blogs to promote themselves—their services, their name and along with that are their integrity that they have handed over for scrutiny. Once a blogger accepted them open-handedly, that’s the time when consensus are formed thus in time builds trust.

If you gave companies a favor of writing for them without asking anything in return, that only means you trusted them. Human nature then speaks of trust and therefore gives something in gratis.

SEO wise, blogs get natural links; high pagerank blogs provide a boost. That’s why blog networks sell blog links for these companies to get found in searches. I hate talking about links and search engine optimization to think that our discussion is based on trust.

However, bloggers should draw the line. I never saw this coming but I did what I have to do.

If you’re aware of the recently concluded giveaway on this blog, you already have the hint on where this post is coming from. But then again, you might want to get a clear grasp on the said event here starting from the announcement of winners up to the comments thread.

Generally, the blogger always has the final say in all things that matters on his blog. Not anyone else has discretion unless there’s a solid agreement in black and white however it’s almost always minimal.

The question at hand is…

If a company does not trust a blogs readership, does it mean as well that it doesn’t trust the blogger?

If a blogger trusts his readers then it follows that whoever betrays his readers’ trust is guilty of betrayal?

You can raise your brows if you don’t agree but that’s how I treat my readers. I trust them and if some entity doesn’t trust them then there’s no way that I could trust such company.

On Companies Disparaging Blogs

If companies don’t need blogs for their online presence then it would be shameful that at this time of day, some still don’t find this platform a critical avenue that needs tapping in order to survive.

It is shameless of a company to drag a blog down the drain after getting what they want for free and then with so much arrogance tried to come out clean to jeopardize a blogger’s integrity.

These shameless companies are like leeches that suck the backlink juices out blogs and when they get what they want, they screw the blog and the blogger.

No blogger would ever back down on these scumbags without vengeance although at some point, it would not be that healthy, forbid the action but sometimes what goes around comes around.

Aversion is human nature’s reaction to unlikely actions geared towards another although not very pleasing, somehow someone has got to face the music.

Use and Abuse

Bloggers have to understand that the platform they use is more than just a piece of land on the internet that they own. It’s a craftsmanship of their thoughts and themselves as a person.

I’m certain that no blogger would allow anyone to look down on them and flush their priced possession down the toilet and drag them down the drain along with these companies’ filthy bossy attitude.

Bloggers must fight for what they think is right and try to preserve their blogs and treat it like their own home.

Dubious guests aren’t welcome as well as arrogant visitors are thrown out of the window and abusive people get slammed behind the door.

The Power of Blogs

It’s pretty obvious that blogs influence are so powerful that it sometimes if not most of the time changes the trends. Mainstream media was challenged and is continuously dwindling down especially with the advent of social media tools that propels blog contents across multiple channels in one click of a button.

The viral reach of blogs is immeasurable and intelligent companies should know that. Screwing a blogger or a blog is never a good idea. Although bloggers are responsible enough for all their actions it is sometimes tempting to get even.


Anyone who’s not guilty must cast the first stone however between blogs and companies, a blogger may not choose revenge but in the end the readers will then most of the time cast their vote and determine whose fate ends in vain.

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