Blogs with chat service differentiates “Takers” from “Givers”

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Communication channels within a blog don’t end within the comments or web forms. An interactive medium such as a chat service or widget adds value as it allows openness in communication.

Unlike most prominent blogs, I often question why there’s so much people trying to be noticed by the blog author through the comments section when in fact its owner is just simply concerned about his/her own stats and ad sense earnings.

Like how many of these so called “Probloggers” are actually taking time to comment or even visit their readers’ blogs? Come on, don’t be naïve. Some of these guys might be too busy counting their revenues to think that their time is more preciously spent on other things than visiting nameless blogs.

With that being said, opening channels of communication through embedded chat scripts exudes a blogger’s more personal approach. It’s as simple as giving back to readers what they deserve—their valued time and not those silly contest pieces!

I admire bloggers who open their lines of communication to interact with their readers through these avenues as this shows gratitude. How many among us have received at least a comment from the authors whose blogs we often read? When you give, don’t expect something in return but when you give too much and never got anything back, you’ve created a monster and you’re a fool for doing that. Do you agree or disagree? Have your say.

This post preludes an upcoming review of a web chat tool that is simple and easy to use, can be integrated within a site and connected to your favorite instant messaging program.

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