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The comments section of a blog is probably the most dynamic part where most interaction happens. It’s a conversation medium to say the least. However, in terms of dofollow blogs (meaning comments are given weight with pagerank juice equal to a vote on Google by turning off the default “nofollow” links in the comments of a blog) where rewarding your commentators has its advantages, spam plays a large part of the transition however it would be a problem if you’re not using WP Spam Free plugin or Akismet.

As I keep dofollow in the comments, I’m only making sure that the links go to reputable sites as nobody likes to link to bad neighborhoods and neither would I want some Google slap, makes sense isn’t?

However, as time passes wherein most webmasters noticeably recognize blog posts that are timelessly pulling off traffic especially tutorial posts, having a help button would not be suffice although it helps, somehow readers specifically those asking for some help are quite hesitant to leave their message and their email.

Vouching to you readers’ strict email/information privacy is mandatory to get their trust although sometimes “who knows who”, there are webmasters selling their commentators emails for profit to third parties. You can actually notice a lot of guys on elance, odesk, etc. are buying email addresses for their campaigns and those who respond to these acquisitions get something from it.

If you’re a webmaster who had accidentally used your POP3 email/web email address while commenting on some blogs, don’t be alarmed when at some point you’ll be receiving spam. I’ve had that experience many times.

Going back to the main point of this post,

I have decided to reopen all the comments section on this blog strictly for support issues contrary to my usual 90-day comment closed procedure on posts.

There are countless questions coming in from the help button found on the right side of the screen that needs to be addressed. I’m sure this move would benefit readers who happened to have dropped in here for some queries about old posts.


Along side this move is my dedication to impose the comment policy on this blog. It would be obvious for a link dropper if old posts get recent comments if those are not support queries.

So, what do you think of this move? This could be testing the water for the meantime but could be permanent as well. You can share your thoughts. I’ll appreciate it.

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  1. Francis says:

    Checking each link would be tedious but it is better because as you have mentioned earlier the “help button” is not enough.

    Personally i prefer to check the blog comments especially for support issues.

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