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Blog automation has never been easier with the many tools that you can find online. Some are even expensive to the extent that it costs up to hundreds of dollars. For starters, spending this much on an online investment is quite heavy considering that earning online is not a get-rich-easily scheme. It requires hard work more than any other.

So, why am I featuring this kind of tool on this blog? Well, most of you may not know that I have been quite busy working as a freelance web developer for WordPress-powered sites and there was one client that I have done some research for, wherein as a result, I happen to have bumped into this great plugin called the MultiPress Autoblogging plugin.

At first, I was quite hesitant to use it but since my client wants automation for content creation on his sites, we tried this and eventually after the trial period, we ended up using the plugin.

Setting the plugin on WordPress is definitely a no-brainer. It doesn’t need much technical know-how to understand what fields require information such as keyword filters and resources to grab content from among others.

It was truly a great tool to have for internet marketers especially those wanting to create affiliate sites with too little time to write for content on their sites.

In order to get a special reader-only deal from Software Critics, here’s an invitation-only code that you can use to enter the site and make the purchase. The code is JHH7KL644GHLFSS. Use this code as you follow the link to the download page here.

You have 15 days to try it out and believe me, you wouldn’t say no after you’ve tried it.

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