What’s Behind Every Free WordPress Theme?

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If you have been planning on starting a blog or a website using the WordPress platform, one of the primary things to consider is the look and feel of your site. WordPress, being an open source content management system platform, has tons of themes available online that anyone can use and adapt for their websites.

WordPress offers a lot of themes on both WordPress.com and WordPress.org (the self-hosted). Self-hosted sites with its own domain and web hosting is the easiest to customize and therefore widely used.

There as many Premium or paid WordPress themes as there are free WordPress themes thus users have so much option to choose from so the only way for a theme developer to standout is by using the right marketing tools, SEO, and the finest designs plus superb customizability that is not found on other themes.

Building a website powered by WordPress doesn’t stop with having the right design but also on choosing the right web hosting provider. There are so many fly-by-night hosts around so reputation checking is a must.

There are also dedicated WordPress web hosts that concentrate on just hosting WordPress sites because they feel that they can be more efficient on giving solutions to their customers rather than being a turn-key web hosting solutions provider.

TopWPThemes.com showcases free WordPress themes such as Kronos, Jocasta, and Irene among the collections it have. Some well-known premium theme developers also giveout free themes but most of the time, support for these themes are rather unavailable to say the least thus, the best way to keep these generous theme developers is to lend them a hand by giving donations for their hard work and relentless effort.

The WordPress community doesn’t require its users to pay for the themes or plugins they get from the site but the challenge here for us is on how to keep these free themes and plugin developers from becoming extinct.

While we have the chance to ask questions to these free theme developers when problems arise, would it be right if we give back to them their due?

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  1. Darvin says:

    I agree. Free themes are a must for those of us bloggers who are just starting out and aren’t quite ready to invest any money. However, it does make sense for people to have to pay to receive support. Why? Because the developer already gave you their design time and effort for free. You can’t possible expect more free time, right?!

  2. Bryan says:

    Well, I’ve built some free plugins and themes in the past and it is natural to want to get paid for your work. The way I justify it is by leaving a discreet link in with keywords to one of my money making sites. At least I get something out of it like a higher Google ranking.

    I’ve also added the “Donate” buttons but most people are just interested in free and just want to use your stuff.

  3. Mathdelane says:

    I agree. I think users should start learning that not everything’s free nowadays and that these developers need to make a living so if they were able to create something for free, I think contributing to their tip jars is not too much to ask.

    I do understand where you’re coming from but I just can’t agree with the hidden links. I may have to avoid your plugins if it was me. Just my opinion.

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