Could Switzerland be the Greenest place on Earth?

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Who would ever think that a rich country like Switzerland could be one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world? A landlocked mountainous country like Switzerland may have tons of reasons to be one green vast land of fantasy but it never was an excuse for them not to nurture its beauty.

Over the years, Switzerland has remained unrelenting against its stance on environmental issues which placed them on top of the 2008 Environmental Scorecard at the World Economic Forum.

In deed, the ambitious environmental policies that are consistently supported by substantial government funding, proactive approach, and active awareness campaign paved the way for a sustainable Switzerland that boosts highly accessible railway system, Green friendly hotels and resorts, abundance of organic products and bike friendly citizenry.

Given the chance to travel in Switzerland, I would pursue visiting the Appenzell countryside where I would stay in an Appenzell Innerrhoden and enjoy the stunning view of green hills below the purple-headed mountains where I will also spend time hiking.

Truly, the marvelous beauty of this land can leave anyone awestruck and certainly would bring promise and a renewed hope that achieving environmental pursuits is attainable with strong conviction and will.

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