Ademero Document Management Software: A Google Docs Alternative

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Document management via web-based tools has been the trend and is increasing getting so much attraction to this day. While we all know that Google Docs has somewhat pioneered this trend, new players are eventually coming out to get a piece of the market share and attract a new user base
Ademero document management software is coming out as a strong alternative to Google Docs. More than just document sharing and editing, Ademero offers a more sophisticated array of features and functionalities that clearly defines it as a more robust Google Docs alternative.
Ademero document management software works via the Content Central which provides a wide array of document process management and workflow solution. Like Google Docs, Content Central is accessible through your favorite web browser with every operations occurring within.
Administrators can install Content Central on Windows, Mac and Linux computers on the network.
You can create documents using PDF-based electronic forms which can be captured from document scanners, network folders, email accounts, or user interaction. Content Central converts scanned images into PDF files which are searchable using keywords. Integrated email and fax tools allow smooth distribution of documents without the need of external software.
Content Central document management and workflow solutions offer approval processing for document workflows determined by users or administrators. These documents may undergo a workflow path that can be defined automatically such as email notifications, auto response and many others depending on the stages or paths defined in the workflow.
Electronic capture defines document type used in Content Central while paper capture processes digital images of paper documents from most scanners and these can be imported as well.
Like most documents, these are mainly distributed via email however, its built-in fax allow another alternative distribution solution.
Editing and forms processing come in handy as well similarly to Google Docs and these are indexed within the system.
While having a web-accessible document management system is convenient, there are still risks involved so security, encryption and user authentication and password verification makes the server safe and less vulnerable to security threats.
Since web access provides convenience, admins have the option to remote server solutions or make an in-house server system for content storage. Support and Assistance is also available 24 hours.
Workflow in Content Central automates document and content-related tasks while running in the background. Workflow triggers determine workflow rule and how every workflow process should start. Workflow actions happen after the rule and workflow service operates around the clock processing multiple events simultaneously as scheduled.
This powerful document management tool and workflow solution definitely challenges Google Docs in every way and this means small and medium sized businesses can make use of this software to their advantage.
Again, to sum it up, Ademero Document Management Software pretty much makes document management a breeze especially with online access, fax document solution, in-the-background operation while you sleep and seamless workflow service 24-7.

There is so much you can do with Ademero Document Management Software and it’s up to you now to find out for yourself. So why don’t you visit their website now and give it a try. You can never go wrong if you have an alternative!

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