When Not to Trust your Web Host

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The last time when I talked about my blog being hacked on this post entitled, “Blogosphere Alert: Prevent your WordPress blogs from being hacked! I have mentioned that I had my host informed of the matter and consequently they answered after 24 hours long enough and agonizing for serious issues such as these. The fact that they have given a response is not enough reason that gave birth to this post and I would certainly be depriving justice into my writing unless the paradox of today’s web hosting industry is not left in the open.

An hour after the discovery of my blog having lost its main index file (index.php), I immediately rushed a note to my web host to catch their attention regarding the problem. A day after support ticket was submitted, they responded and I quote,

“The index file is missing so the directories are listed… (After giving some pertinent information)… You should upgrade to the most recent WordPress, and then check all files for potential backdoors that have been uploaded. On premium hosting accounts real email addresses are the default offering, we accept Paypal, and credit cards for payment.”

So, can you check the paradoxical statement? Why upsell to a client who has some issues needed to be fixed? Isn’t that rubbish? Why not help the customer and make him satisfied before even thinking about upselling. Isn’t that the right way that do?

Following the response from my web host, I threw in some questions and again, like what I have expected which they do most of the time, another response with an up-selling tactic!

Come on, enough of this non-sense! Help me first before trying to sell me something! There has been quite an exchange of responses that have happened but the end result is me taking my business somewhere else where it deserves.

Okay, so much for the long story although these may have another sequel so just stay tuned. Here are the list which I thought would be helpful in giving any blogger or webmaster the idea when no to trust their web hosting company.

  • If your web host upsells during the course of an issue, leave them. There’s no point dealing with these money ripping businesses that wants more money but doesn’t work first. All they want is your hard earned cash!
  • If your web host doesn’t support php coding inquiries and assistance, leave them. They just don’t know what they are doing or are lazy to do so. If they ask you to upgrade your subscription just to get that service. Don’t get into their trap. It’s going to be the same thing.
  • If your web host offers both free and paid hosting services, think of this. Will they be providing the same kind of support and attention to their free service customers? Or even a fair treatment? Will they be consistent or will they even care at all. Perhaps, you just might be falling into a trap if you choose the free service because at some point, they will in turn convince you to switch for a paid service when the odds are low. Unless, there is a really good reason for you to upgrade by the quality of service they provide.

If your web host cannot provide 24/7 assistance, they are simply no good at all and there’s no reason for you to invest in them.

  • If your web host cannot even construct coherent statements to express themselves like my previous web host does, then they’re not professional and just a bunch of crooks trying to rip off your money. They can’t even educate themselves to formally communicate with you. Imagine receiving a letter with vague responses that aren’t relevant to your question.
  • If your web host cannot understand even simple technical terms and kept on asking things that you’ve already mentioned (for multiple exchanged responses), they simply just cannot comprehend or doesn’t really know what they are doing so they keep asking questions or perhaps they don’t have a dedicated support that handles your case so there’s a possibility that it was being pass around to many different people and you’re running around in circles.

There are just so many indications of when not to trust your web host so in case you think I’ve missed something, feel free to add yours at the comments section.

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