Tips For Making Your Computer Run Faster

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Computers are high-powered devices these days. They help us do work, look up information, play games, communicate with family, and store important files. We use them for all facets of our personal and work lives, and it is consequently more important than ever to have a computer that is dependable and reliable.

But as we use our computers more, and rely on them more, we often place so many demands on the device that it works more slowly than ideal. At the same time, our expectations for computer speed are much higher than they once were. In our society of instant gratification, it doesn’t matter if the information we seek is stored in a file on our desktop or in some NY data center; either way, we want it immediately.

For these reasons, many of us are often looking to improve our computer’s speed. While there are few perfect fixes, here are some suggestions to consider:

Protect Against Spyware and Viruses
computer virusesNobody wants to get a computer virus, but many people are content with – or at least they don’t think about – the spyware programs that may be infiltrating their computer. Not only does spyware pose a risk to secure information and passwords you may have stored on your device, but it can also slow down performance. To combat this, it is important to download and install a trusted security program.

Delete Files
A computer operating at full storage capacity is bound to operate more slowly, which means that deleting some of that storage may help speed up your system. There are probably plenty of candidates for deletion on your computer. You remove temporary files, downloaded program files, components and programs you don’t use, and any media-rich files you may have saved at some point. And, of course, don’t forget to empty your recycle bin.

Defragment Your Programs
As space fills up on your hard drive, the computer will increasingly store new programs in fragments rather than as a whole. This takes up space in the long run and leaves small pieces of a program on your hard drive long-term, even after you uninstall a given application. By using your computer’s disk defragmentation abilities, you can clean this up and help make your computer faster. There are also programs that can be downloaded that will do this for you.

There are several other techniques for speeding up your computer, such as adding RAM or buying a program that analyzes, assesses, and responds to your device’s various speed-related problems. But if all else fails, and everything still seems too slow for your liking, it may just be time to accept the inevitable and get an upgrade.

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