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One of the many reasons why Firefox users tend to update to the latest version is their promise of providing a faster browser. Well, it could be fast as a clean install at first but based on experience, it slows down overtime as you continuously add extensions or add-ons as well as themes and even toolbars. In other words, the more accessories you put in, the slower it gets as a result.

The hype that Firefox 3.5 has gained over these past few months after it’s release have been massive but I didn’t joined the bandwagon, perhaps, I’ve joined the opposite side yet my observations are true. Why? Firefox 3.5 is not really that faster as they claim because like I said, the more accessories you put in, the slower it turns out but I was expecting that since they dubbed this newest release as the faster browser ever, then I assumed that it really was and can carry the weight of the additions from the previous version but I was wrong. However, on the lighter side, there’s a tool called Speedyfox that can turn around a slow loading Firefox browser.

In most Firefox updates, the most common setback has to make your extensions or add-on and themes compatible with the new version. Also, there are cases wherein users encounter the problem of losing all their bookmarks after an upgrade which can be a total nightmare for some. Who wouldn’t think of trying to revert back to the old version in hope of recovering your precious bookmarks and settings?

There are countless of discussion that could be found online on how to revert from a newer version of Firefox to the old version but it seems that most of it tackles the manual procedure of deleting your Firefox profiles when asked during the uninstall process and then deleting some file after the fresh install. It can be tedious and at the same time, confusing.

Isn’t it great if there’s a way to revert your current Firefox version to the older version while at the same time retaining all the extensions, themes and bookmarks in just a few clicks?

Well, there’s a way of doing it and that’s what I’m going to share with you on this post. If you’re not fond of using add-ons then better note this one that I’ll be suggesting as you may need it in the future.

In order to revert your latest Firefox installation to an older version, install FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) first.

FEBE is an add-on that allows quick and easy backup solutions for your Firefox extensions in just a few clicks. It individually rebuilds extensions into restorable .xpi files that can be used on freshly installed versions which makes it possible to synchronize Firefox installations on multiple computers using the same settings.

FEBE Backup Options 1

FEBE Backup Options 1

Currently this add-on supports Firefox version 3.0 and above. The best thing about this extension is saving you time and frustration from all the hassles of doing manual backups for your bookmarks, extensions, themes and customizations. You can even backup the browser’s cookies, history and form fill history. Also, you can set your download location for the files, schedule a backup while browsing, and host your files via

FEBE Backup Options 2

FEBE Backup Options 2

FEBE is a great backup add-on every Firefox user must have and it’s way better than OPIE (Ordered Preference Import/Export) although the latter functions the same, it cannot backup preferences and not all extensions.

Have you tried FEBE yet?

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  1. amolkulkarni82 (Amol Kulkarni) | October 21, 2010
  1. Mihai Tzanc says:

    Nice post …it’s realy interesting!
    .-= Nice Blogger´s last blog ..5 sfaturi perfecte despre cum sa devi “faimos” in Social Media =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hey Mihai,

    How are you doing? Thanks for leaving a comment here on my blog. I’ll try my best to write something for NiceBlogger hopefully when I get the time.

    To all my readers: You might be asking why I approved Mihai’s rather short comment. Well guys, he’s the new owner of and I’m one of his newest author. So, it’s automatic for me to accept his comments however short it may be. 😉

  3. Techblizz says:

    thanks for this information it really helps me a lot
    .-= Techblizz´s last blog ..Google social search go live as a Google Labs project on Monday =-.

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  4. Hi Mathdelane, this post proves to be really in good timing. All of my friends here at the office have been complaining about slow loading and certain buggy functioning in accessing our yahoo mails with firefox. A lot of them have moved to opera and safari. As for me, I think I shall remain stucked with firefox since my recent installations of opera and safari did not work. Both output “not connected to internet” or something to that effect.

    Thanks to this post, I won’t have the slowest browser in our office.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..My Western Digital External USB Hard Drive =-.

  5. Mathdelane says:

    Hi James,

    I’m glad that I was able to help you retain your Firefox installation. You wouldn’t mind sharing them this post don’t you? 😉 Hey, I was planning to install Opera so hopefully I can shed some light on your issue with it. Most of the time it could be caused by a Firewall issue, misconfigurations in the computer or some programs that are interfering with Opera.

  6. ghabuntu says:

    Hi. I have never experienced any problem whatsoever with any new release of FF. It’s always run flawlessly for me. Maybe my use of just two addons could also be a factor. But for all I know, every new version of FF works best for me.

    Note: Links removed as per Comment Policy.

  7. Yes Math, please do share any thoughts on these Opera errors I’m encountering. I believe it has got to do with either a misconfiguration or interfering program, because I have not set a firewall on my computer.

    Looking forward to more of your tips.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..WordPress Slideshow Plugin: Superb Slideshow =-.

  8. log home floor plans says:

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    your all post is very imperative !! but it is different all of them excellent work just keep it up.
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  9. doktorthomas says:

    I am tired and vexed with all the up-dates from a plethora software distributors (MSFT,Adobe,Mozilla,Java,Corel, etc). Firefox is no exception. My feeling is if it needs an update, it should not have been released in the first place.

    As for new versions (MSFT,Adobe,Sage,[not]Intuit), I do not buy them (I look for alternates). New versions rarely if ever offer anything additional worth the extra/new money–QuickBooks 2011 is an excellent example-just trashy eye candy not needed for accounting, the software’s primary purpose).

    If a user buys a full version of a quality software, they ought to get the benefit of all the sub-versions (which is what what the “new” annual versions really are). If a software company wants to resell me, it had better be truly a new a program–not a reheated version of what I have. WordPerfect 6.1 still out performs the subsequent versions in speed with virtually no loss in features. It is not even 32 bit!!! (Granted, file naming is limited, but not performance or features.)

    I have made it clear to the powers that be at Mozilla on numerous occasions that their so-called “improvements” are mystical at best. Soon FF will be as bloated as the other no-so-fast browsers (remember Netscape??). The latest version 4.0 is a dog. (Mozilla: Don’t bother to patch it, just pull it.)

    Since there are only a half-dozen worth while add-ons to FF anyway, new versions do little for avid users. I switched to Dragon, tho’ it too is less than fulfilling. And it (like FF) doesn’t run RoboForm 6.10 (which had an excellent track record for user/purchasers until recently). They are off my list also. (Check out LastPass.)

    Anyway I came here to get the low down on reverting to 3.5. That too seems misty … unclear and click through is likely.

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