Fixing Parser Message Value Creation Failed at Line 472 or 521 When Clicking Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP

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In this tip, I am going to teach you how to fix the error “parser message value creation failed at line 472 or 521” in a very easy way. First, let me give you a hint how this error happens.

Whenever the default Windows XP Theme in Display Properties is changed or altered in someway, access to the Add or Remove programs are blocked since the XP Theme normally utilizes the default.

Other than that, using a different theme for Windows slows down PC performance because of disk space consumption since Windows is not optimized for appearance. As discussed in my previous post entitled Highly effective ways to optimize PC speed made simple,” I have emphasized the importance of optimizing the appearance settings in Windows in order to achieve boosted PC speed as it free up RAM thereby reducing the effects in the graphical user interface.

Going back to the importance of resolving this “parser message value creation failed at line” 472 or 521 error when accessing Add or Remove Programs, this actually solves the issue of trying to remove unwanted software or trying to add software drivers. If this issue remains unresolved, chances are, you as a user would have to go through the delicate process of removing the program yourself from the registry. Delicate because any wrong move or incorrect deletion of entries in the Windows registry can cause severe damages to your PC or it can cause some application within the system to malfunction. The worst could even require you to reinstall your operating system.

Having said this, whenever you encounter this error when trying to access Add or Remove Programs(On Windows XP OS), all you have to do is follow this guidelines:

For Service Pack 1

The Parser Message would be: Value creation failed at line 472

For Service Pack 2

The Parser Message would be: Value creation failed at line 521

(As discussed, this behavior is generally the result of a Theme problem)

To resolve this issue:

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Open the Display applet.

3. Select the Themes tab.

4. In the Theme drop-down box, select Windows XP.

5. Press Apply and OK.

That’s it, everything should be fine and you can now access the Add or Remove Programs option in Windows XP.

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