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If you’re a certified music lover, you must have probably been a member of a social music service like Imeem™,™, Pandora™, MySpace, eSnips™, Mog™, iJigg™ and™ just to mention a few widely known social music services.

The fact that these social music sites focus more on music as its media in connecting to a worldwide audience, have you ever thought of grabbing other members musical collection to listen to it offline via your favorite gadget like iPod or MP4 without having to pay anything?

If you haven’t, then, this post is something to look forward to. As social media continues to become a mainstream in today’s ever changing world wide web, the power of social interaction and its dynamism creates trends that drive people towards it. In line with this, music has always been a truly moving force behind it. Now, what do you think will you do if you can grab your favorite music online using a software and basically don’t need to pay anything. Isn’t that great?

With the use of Free Muzic Zilla, anybody can grab and download their favorite songs from their most loved social music sites. Free Music Zilla is a freeware that can download streams of music in flash video file format(otherwise known as .flv) without limit, supports the most widely known browsers, doesn’t have adware or spyware and is absolutely free.

In order for you to download any streaming music, you have to open the program first before you press to play the music or playlist at the background. The downloaded music file is then saved to your desired location of choice. In order for you to play the downloaded file, a file converter is needed to make it playable on your mp3, iPod or mp4. However, you may also wish to just leave it as an FLV file provided you have an FLV player.

Responsibility and legality have always been the main concern regarding these kinds of tips. Here in Software Critics, we always remain on the side of what is just and legal as we do not encourage, as much as we condemn, nor we tolerate violation of any license agreements or copyright infringements.

Everyone should understand that the purpose of this is just to provide information. As this information is somehow can be found and is never new on the web, any person who plans of making money out of these or any similar activities must consult or ask for permission from the copyright owners for business related activities.

Having the freedom to free information is not wrong but due responsibility and compliance with the law must be always kept in mind.

Anyone can use this software for its purpose but again, use it for your
own personal entertainment and at your own risk. And anything that goes beyond this scope especially dealing with monetizing or selling copyrighted materials without the necessary permit, license or even piracy is deemed illegal.

So, if you wanted to enjoy your freedom and access to free information, do it
legally. In relation to this how-to post, we have created a video that will show you how exactly downloading streaming audio can be done using Free Music Zilla.

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