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Tweet Ranger: Twitter Follow Tool for Social Media Enthusiasts

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Managing social media accounts can become very gruesome that it can turn out into a full-time job which most people could end up being tied into which should not have been case instead, this should be manageable using the right set of tools.

Productivity especially in managing social media accounts can only be achieved with the right tools particularly in using twitter apps for managing followers, following and tweets. Most of the time, convenience is the key factor on any twitter follow tool in order to become successful.

Businesses and professionals with presence on this social media platform have in one way or the other used a twitter follow software to do automated tasks like sending scheduled tweets, and scheduling follow and un-follow activities can be done by a twitter app known as Tweet Ranger.tweet ranger

Tweet Ranger efficiently automates all of the tasks mentioned above with much ease and precision which not most application of the same kind can perform.

With Tweet Ranger, managing your Twitter account is a breeze and with its
3-day risk free trial, you can enjoy all its benefits without the cost of spending on over priced software.

Try Tweet Ranger now and compare how it performs with other twitter apps of its kind.

Phishing Scam Links from Twitter Direct Messages

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This post may come to you as something that isn’t new however I just thought that it may serve as a reminder whenever you get direct messages on Twitter and tempted to click on the links.

It’s not once or twice that I have received DMs with links pointing to phishing sites and this inspired to write how-to posts on setting up Firefox and Google Chrome for secured browsing because having the right settings has indeed saved the day for me.

SXSWi 2009: Sketchnotes: Scam SchoolIf you get to encounter this link http://blogger.djhxkcs.com/ on one of your DMs, don’t click it. If you ever clicked this unknowingly, you’ll be prompted anyway if you have the right browser settings. Usually, when these bad guys send me links like these, I broadcast them on Twitter and unfollow them right away. I let people know that they are sending out links to phishing sites so people who don’t know will definitely avoid them.

Once and for all, these schemes should be stopped for good if not minimized. If you ever get encounter such fake web pages hidden on shortened links on Twitter, do something about it and always keep your browsers secured.

For Internet Explorer 8, you can set up secured browsing via Safety tab and make sure that the SmartScreen Filter isn’t turned off. This way, you’ll be safe while browsing the internet and be always alerted whenever you come across a suspicious attack site.

Seesmic Web Integrates Twitter List

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This comes as no surprise that desktop apps will be jumping into this Twitter list craze which I really don’t fancy. It’s like we’re getting into a phase where people stopped being mature and tend to be more like a show off than a professional. Twitter list for me is like a teenager bragging on Myspace or Facebook about how many friends he has to satisfy his ego.

There’s really no sense of doing so and making it public is pretty much alienating and off taste. Even social media’s big man Chris Brogan is uncomfortable with the idea because it can make people feel of being left out (if you’re not even on anyone’s lists) with him being an exemption for being well-known but I admire his humility for his view. From this moment on, I’m switching my lists private so nobody I missed would feel bad. Well, desktop apps can segregate Tweeters depending on whose tweets you’re following.

The idea is such pointless and instead of focusing on their security efforts to prevent their site from DDOS attacks which have happened countless times, they instead kept on stuffing their service with useless functionalities that makes it more congested.

They could have imitated Yahoo Meme’s interface which is sleek and clean.

Going back to this post’s title, yes, Seesmic has integrated Twitter list on its web-based app where users can see their lists on the sidebar. You can view the video below on how it looks like on full run.

Few days ago, they’ve integrated it on Seesmic Desktop. While these improvements can make some of their fans raving, you can read here on why I discontinued using Seesmic Desktop.

I’m not pretty sure if TweetDeck have already joined the fad, I’ll find out anyway. For whatever reason you find Twitter list to your advantage, give me a constructive idea on the comment’s section.

Yahoo Meme Features Disclosed

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My previous post entitled “Can Yahoo Meme Takeover Twitter? serves as a prelude about this unique and rather controversial service that may soon if time favors can take the place of Twitter.

We can have our stance both ways—positive and negative or we can go neutral. In the eyes of an observant, let’s examine the service with scrutiny to see if it catches our attention, interest, exceed our expectations or the other way around.

Let me start by showing you how the home page looks like.

Yahoo Meme Homepage

Yahoo Meme Homepage

On the top right of the home page, you’ll see the links–Popular, Find and Sign in. Popular is where you can find the trending topics with Meme, Find is for people search and some featured profiles and of course, the Sign-in link for account holders or those with invites.

The central portion of the page however is an email field for those who want access to the service. Once you’ve entered your email, you’ll get this message, “Congrats! You will receive news about Meme.”

Assuming you already have an account, here’s the exciting part that I’m going to show you. Sign-in from this URL: http://meme.yahoo.com/home/ then you’ll be directed to your Yahoo Mail account sign-in page. If you don’t have a Yahoo Mail account, then you’re advised to have one first. After logging-in, you’ll be shown your dashboard (see image below.)

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

The dashboard is divided into four tabs—Text, Photo, Video and Music. The links on the upper right corner of the page are marked Followers, Invite friends, Settings, and Sign out. The bottom left however have links to Help, About, Feedback, Terms of Service, Additional terms, Privacy, Copyright, and Guidelines opposite the Yahoo home page link.

The Text tab is where you can share texts, links and other things textual and is not limited to 140 characters unlike Twitter. Photo sharing is where you can flaunt your amazing photos to the rest of your friends. You can either upload your file or drop a link URL and add caption on the image before you hit the post photo button. Videos on the other hand can only be shared using either a YouTube or Vimeo link.

To share your music, you must have a working URL to place on the field which means that you must have a music file hosted on the web (if its exclusive to you) or you may search for social music networking sites like imeem, or even MySpace.

The controversial feature of the service is the ability to pass along information generated by one person to another virally. Twitter has RT (retweet) and Meme has “repost” which doesn’t make any difference. Twitter has “followers” the same as Meme.

Yahoo Meme Dashboard Repost feature

Yahoo Meme Dashboard Repost feature

It is tactful of Yahoo to simply segregate the type of information that can be shared within the system that makes it easier to filter out. It was a pretty organized system that when you open up your dashboard, you can easily spell the difference between the types of information being shared. You can’t miss a detail with this one unlike Twitter, you have to skim through each link and open as many links as possible just to find what you’re looking for. I should say that Twitter is really congested.

Looking back at the Dashboard, followers link at the upper right corner tells you the number of people that follows you. Again, it’s going to suffer another Twitter comparison. In this page, both followers and following show the avatars much bigger in size compared to Twitter but without a hint of their activity unless you click on them to visit their profile plus the following page is dependent on the followers page. You can only see the former if you click on the latter. They are not separate pages.

Yahoo Meme Followers and Following Page

Yahoo Meme Followers and Following Page

The Invite friends option allows you to of course from the name itself but don’t take it too easy as it may put you in dismay that this service is not even integrated within your Yahoo email account. It requires you to manually type in the emails of your friends or colleagues which was really a hassle and I’m hoping that this is just for now.

Assuming you’re through with your Dashboard, once you click followers or Your Meme which is your profile page, there’s no way you can go back to the dashboard via a text link which is no where could be found on the upper right corner of the page. If you are to find any link down the page, it isn’t there too. The only way you can go back to your dashboard is by pressing the Back button on your browser. Hmm, that’s quite a mess right there.

However, if you find the purple Meme button at the top right section of the page useless, then it’s not. At first I thought it was but clicking on it will take you back to your dashboard. Okay…glad I’m able to figure that out!

Yahoo Meme Dashboard More button

Yahoo Meme Dashboard More button

Among other things, let me add that most bottom links are not necessary for site navigation other than the More button display which simply applies to opening up more options down the current page.

So there you have it, the salient features of the service in detail with no intention to hurt Yahoo Meme or Twitter in any way. We cannot compare Apples from Oranges but we can compare copycats from the original. Makes sense right?

Can Yahoo Meme Takeover Twitter?

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Most of you may be aware of the hype that Twitter has been getting these past few years and generally this microblogging platform has indeed changed the way information is shared on the web and how it’s constantly evolving the social media scene.

The network of millions of Tweeters all over the world is as enormous as the applications serving the platform for its users. I even jumped into the bandwagon since I started blogging and as I can see it, Twitter has really gone a long way despite the huge negative feedbacks from the internet media and attacks to the system by the hackers of cyberspace.

Just recently, we came to know that Yahoo has been putting up with something similar to Twitter and now that it has finally gone live. I would like to share with you some tidbits of information about it.

What is Yahoo Meme?

Yahoo Meme (link removed due to 403 errors detected mainly because of privilege-only access) is a service that allows users to share whatever they find interesting on the web—text, photo, video and music all-in-one completely organized tabs which you can find on the dashboard.

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

Yahoo hopes to make Meme as an efficient memeplex where fragments of information multiply and distribute, evolve or even die however maintaining its origin while giving credit to where it’s due. Once you post something on your dashboard (called a Meme), it stays with you. The credit is attached to your name, it can only get viral but it can’t be modified.

Meme’s user interface is pretty much easy but I intend not to talk about it for now. There are great features and there are some where you just might get lost. But for the sake of comparing it with Twitter, I must say that we can’t just compare something that is fresh from the oven against something that has been fairly cooked by time.

It’s too early to say where the service is heading but given Yahoo’s resources and marketing reach, we cannot discount that it can be a threat to Twitter soon. What do you think?

Can Buzzom Desktop take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic?

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I was browsing through Blippr when I came across Buzzom being one of the top apps on the site. It amuses me since this app ranks higher than TweetDeck and Seesmic in terms of the number of blips so I decided to give it a try and these are my observations. I’ll be focusing more on the desktop app than the web interface because I’m pretty much satisfied with it—it provides a nifty unfollow, follow and reciprocal following option not other similar sites can deliver.

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Desktop interface provides an easy (RT) retweet button, a (DM) direct messaging, an @reply, add to buddies or grouping of tweeters option, and allows to hide tweets from selected people you are following without having to unfollow them.

The sidebar on default though shows some suggested groupings of interesting Tweeters you may or may not be following. These “Other Groups” sidebar links are customizable through the settings option. It could be annoying at first if you don’t know how to customize this through the settings but you don’t have to be lost as you simply have to find the “gears” icon in order to change the settings.

The search form on the app can be used to search for Twitter users, terms or keywords, location, and user-specific information and bio however, the search box did not retrieve any information when I tried to search for a particular user that I follow, it could be a bug that needs some fixing. The application can also be used to manage multiple Twitter accounts all at the same time while Tweet streams can be set to auto-refresh or done manually if desired. Tweeters’ names are not clickable which means you may have to type-in their usernames on the “search box” or “find box” for you to see their profile (a big hassle!).

Lastly, it eats up API request real fast just by using it for a few minutes. Not really good since I haven’t received any direct message nor tweeted anything within the few minute timeframe I’ve used it (less than 10 mins). API requests are limited so too many of it may lead to prevent you from following anyone when you’ve reached your limit and may require you to wait for sometime until your next API allotment refreshes.

Buzzom Desktop has a friendly user-interface that is good for those who want to take Tweeting a little bit slow since the status streams cannot be refreshed unless you do so but design-wise, I find it lacking aesthetically compared to TweetDeck. It was definitely a promising Twitter desktop app, though it does require a lot of development for it to take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic.

What’s your take on the Buzzom Desktop app? Have you tried using it?

Seesmic Web: Streaming tweets the Seesmic-way on the internet

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I’m a Seesmic convert so this new lauch I was informed of just made me more excited. Here’s why:

Finally, you can tweet anytime of day, seven days a week anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection using your favorite browser. Seesmic Web (web-based Seesmic for Twitter) allows you to manage your Twitter stream on the internet in a single column minimal mode – similar to reviewing your email headers. You can easily search, save and access your searches. Provides unlimited column creation for various Twitter group conversations in threaded format. Seesmic Web also shows a rollover view of Twitter user statistics and a complete profile view with an updates tab.

You can see Seesmic Web in action from the video below:

Seesmic Web, the web-based and cross-browser Seesmic, revolutionizes the way Twitter streams are managed and this time making it possible outside of your desktop for easy access anywhere in the world. Engage, tweet and do it the Seesmic Web way!

Update 17 August 2009

Inline preview for certain links is now available. You can now easily review picture links via Twitpic, yfrog and mobypicture within your current browser window, ability to preview interactive bit.ly links like YouTube videos or Google Maps.

Clickable hashtag links and favorites timeline management in one single tab column is now available including French and Chinese language versions.

Saved logged in preferences, update post via Return keystroke, ability to delete sent messages, and automatic message loading upon scroll down have all been incorporated.

Seesmic versus TweetDeck: Which is better?

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Having used TweetDeck for more than a couple of months left me an impression that the app was good and served its purpose. It’s simple easy-to-use interface can hook any newbie user to engage in its features and functionality. There’s a lot of promise to this Twitter application being on beta version, it worked well more that I’ve expected.



Yesterday when I tried to use the program, something just went wrong; it gave me an error message stating that I need to check my firewall settings because it’s blocking the program. It shouldn’t be a problem because I’ve just used the program few hours ago.

A little panicky that I am, I uninstalled TweekDeck v.0.26 from my PC. I even checked Adobe Air (which makes it possible to run) for possible updates. Getting any result to no avail, I decided to search for an alternative Twitter Desktop application that I can use so then came along Seesmic to my rescue.

Seesmic Desktop 0.3 is a Twitter desktop app which runs via Adobe Air platform similar to TweetDeck. Right after installing Seesmic, I run the program and nothing happened. My discovery: my internet connection slowed down upon checking through my LAN connection status. Alright, that speaks for the problem. Now what? I was test driving Seesmic all day and it was impressive. Ok, everybody’s going to say, I got run out of ideas and tried using an old app and making a story out of it. Hang on all right, I’m not yet done. Seesmic may be an old timer but it was stable. It was easier to use because of its friendly-user-interface. The left tab options make it easy to navigate between accounts for multi-account holders, groups, direct messages, @replies, sent messages, and searches. Unlike TweetDeck, Seesmic has the option to detach opened tabs into columns unlike TweetDeck having solely the column feature with a quite annoying rollover tab at the bottom that appears when there are more than three opened columns. Another great deal about Seesmic is the shrink text functionality which allows lengthy messages to fit exactly within the 140 character limit although this may not be quite appealing to some, those who are fond of texting will benefit and praise this feature. I’d suggest not using it for professional conversations since it seems informal. Another nifty feature of this application is the ability to insert pictures and share it on several image sharing services.

It’s not long enough though that I’ve been using this app but it seems that it’s beginning to capture my interest. Now, do you want me to tell you the other reason why I switched from TweetDeck to Seesmic? I’ve never seen such a vague feedback forum my entire life than what I’ve seen with TweetDeck. The site’s background as you can see in the photo below was not enticing being dark.

TweetDeck Feedback Forum

TweetDeck Feedback Forum

At first glance, you might wonder what site you’re on or what the search field is for but neither of the sections below it can give you a hint. Sending email over their support group isn’t worthwhile either because I didn’t get a reply yet at this time of writing.

Having a great application doesn’t come with having a great place for support so they should realize that navigating webpages dedicated for customer issues (this applies to all) should be easy and clearly labeled. Webpages that are supposedly designed for people seeking help and assistance should be their ultimate priority to keep their users or customers from leaving.

Anyway, I’m happy now and I’m positive that somehow things may change for the better. I’m still eyeing on Seesmic for some things that I can discover at a later time though. How about you? Are you satisfied with TweetDeck? What can you say about Seesmic? Which one do you think is better?

Seesmic Desktop Update: 12Jul09

Seesmic Desktop 0.4 was launched with exciting enhancements such as:

  • Single column and multi-column mode switching ability wherein in a single column mode, you can keep your stream compact and use the sidebar to toggle between accounts, userlist and searches which can be seen on the Seesmic Web functionality.
  • The ability to set fixed-width for the detached columns is made possible.
  • Collapsible and expandable sidebar using an added a button for viewing view and managing your streams.
  • An updated API usage control, added options for timeline limits and improved optimizations for performance are also some of the value-added enhancements.

Watch the new Seesmic Desktop 0.4 in action in this post, “Seesmic Web: Streaming tweets the Seesmic-way on the internet.”

Update 21Jul09

After two weeks of testing Seesmic Desktop including version 0.4, I’ve decided to switch back to TweetDeck v0.26.4. Why?

The tab options on Seesmic are okay but at times, its annoying. Everytime I start the app, I normally see the old messages in the column which I have no option but to leave up to but it mixes up with the new updates so I find it unsuitable. Whenever I scroll each Seesmic column, it was always a mess, it freezes most of the time. Lastly, it caused me so much trouble in following anyone because the API requests that you can do with the application is uncontrollable. I can’t see anywhere in the application to control API requests so what happened to me was a complete disaster. I cannot follow anyone for days because as per Twitter, I’ve requested so much API. I know that there has been a bug going on about failing to follow anyone on Twitter but I suspect that too many API requests can lead to it.

Tweetboard: Engaging Twitter Conversations for your Website

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One of the most engaging Twitter application that I have used so far was the newly developed Tweetboard, a micro-forum type application that can be integrated into your website which pulls your Twitter stream in real-time (with maximum of one minute delay). Tweetboard reformats tweets into threaded conversations including those that spun off the original conversation giving your site’s visitors full perspective of what’s being discussed thereby engaging your website visitors to join in. Everytime a visitor posts or a reply via your Tweetboard, a linkback is appended to their tweet thereby creating viral stream of Twitter traffic.

Tweetboard on Software Critics

Tweetboard on Software Critics

Tweetboard Alpha (being on its Alpha testing phase) can be integrated into your website by simply placing a piece of javascript code above the </body> tag or normally where Google Analytics tracker are placed. Tweetboard at the time of writing is giving out “instant Alpha invites” however a confirmation reply is required to be able to use the application.

The rise of Tweetboard as a promising Twitter application revolutionizes the way Twitter conversations can be streamlined on a larger scale through websites or blogs and this redefines the essence tweets on a more personal level.