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Timesheet Tracking for Freelancers

January 22, 2015 | By | Reply More

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For freelancers like me, getting things done is of primary importance in order to stay on top of your competition. The faster turnaround time, the better feedback but of course, the more efficient you do things, the more productive you can be.

While getting things done is paramount, you obviously don’t want to second guess if you’re being paid timely on every effort you put into your projects. Time tracking is very important in order for you to get paid timely and correctly everytime you perform tasks for your client.

A Timesheet Portal software can easily track the hours you’ve worked up to the last minute. It simplifies your task of keeping track of minutes between each break and those times you’re off your desk. Like similar software in the market, Timesheet Portal will allows its users to jot down expenses aside from earnings. It even allows time off scheduling for each team member making sure that you can always find someone to fill-in within your team in case someone gets sick.

After work hours are tracked, the software provides you with the ability to send invoices to your clients. Budget management for projects are also available on the software so you can be sure that you’re working within the allocated budget. You can even sync your invoices to other platforms such as Sage, Quickbooks, and Xero.