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Surge Protection Systems

January 3, 2014 | By | Reply More

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Power spikes in electrical lines has been a problem for years, but due to the switch from analog to digital data transmission, the power spike phenomena has dramatically increased. One of the problems power spikes present in an electrical component is ground transients traveling unimpeded through a system’s ground wire to deliver crashing and harmful spikes to computer technology and other electrical components.

New surge protection technology from companies like AITTechnology.com have stopped ground transients spikes from doing harm to your computer. As we move into the digital age, it’s vital that microprocessors are protected from ground transient spikes.

This technology is still absent from most surge protection systems, and that gives original equipment manufacturers an advantage when they highlight product differentiation in their electronic components. The new surge protector technology also increases a business’s bottom line, reduces warranty costs, and gives company the distinction of having the most reliable system in their product line.

surge_protectorThis is accomplished when companies include ground transient termination technology. The industry requires an UL-approved, patented ground transient termination technology that connects directly in series with the ground line of electronic equipment on the AC side. The technology protects microprocessors from ground transient spikes because they cause downtime, processor degradation and possible equipment destruction as well as material deterioration.