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Singles Quiz a La Lovapalooza

September 24, 2009 | By | 1 Reply More

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For people who are just clueless on why they are still single at their age have a lot of reasons be one. It really doesn’t mean that you are to take a relationship too seriously or must take a look at getting your life settled for good like getting married. Sometimes, having a special someone creates balance between work and your personal life.

Quiz by CupidMarket.com
Quiz brought to you by Online Dating

The internet alone offers tons of dating sites both local and international with the ability to interact with its members via chat and email among other means and could either be free or paid. There are also some web services that offer interactive applications engaging users to answer some questions that often provide thought provoking results, humorous but rather rhetorical questions yet most of the time  entertaining.

With most of them being flash-based widgets, you can easily get hooked into it and the moment you get your results depending on your given answers, you simply can’t resist but laugh at yourself because generally most are true. Majority of interactive quizzes talk about personality, relationships, and intelligence to name a few. One of the most interesting ones I have ever come across was this interactive singles quiz website having just 7 questions that squeezes up your inputs resulting into a nifty widget that you can place on your site or blog plus a short statement of truism presented comically because of the funny graphics.

A definitely “must try” web-based application. I’ve tried it myself and the result is obvious, the image above tells it.