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Automated Engineering For Manufacturing

March 25, 2014 | By | Reply More

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Modern engineering services provide essential analysis on various manufacturing and assembly processes. Robotics and automated systems track down complicated processes in factories and other production facilities. For example, there are advanced optical systems that keep track of the movement of various products that are being assembled. A sensor may be programmed to look for certain shapes in unfinished items that are in a production line. The detection of a missing part may automatically stop all of the machinery in the assembly equipment. An actual human worker needs to come over and inspect a part that’s considered to be faulty for any number of reasons.

Three dimensional scanning systems are also available to keep track of the proper shape and size of products being produced. Special optical and electromagnetic scanners can create three dimensional digital images of items that go through a production line. Improper drilling of holes in certain parts of a product may call for a complete stop of production equipment in order to inspect the faulty items.

Similarly, automated scanning systems in factories may measure the weight of an item that is being assembled. At any given instant, each unfinished product should have the same weight. Significant differences in weight of an item may indicate improper assembly. For example, some parts of a product may not have been properly carved out or drilled. Manufacturing plants can buy today automatic scanning systems that could detect slight imperfections in products of various sizes, even on a small scale of millimeters.