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Chitika Select Ads to Boost Publisher Revenue Starting March 8th 2010

March 5, 2010 | By | 2 Replies More

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Chitika’s Publisher Ad Network has added a boost on this site’s revenue since its inception in October 30, 2009. It was only recently though that I have finally confirmed that search engine traffic combined with Chitika ad placement based on a US demographic does work best.

With Software Critics’ 60% search engine traffic, monetizing using Chitika has been a challenge at the beginning however, with the right ad placement, positive results could be achieved.

Chitika Ads does not violate Google Adsense ToS so basically both can be integrated on a page without any issues.

The 14.5% revenue share of Chitika for the month of February is indispensable thus it’s definitely staying for good and with the most recent addition of Chitika Select Ads which promises a 5-10% boost in additional revenue for publishers aside from search revenues, this only means that they are really into finding bigger avenues for income generation for small and medium sized online publishers.

If you haven’t joined the Chitika bandwagon, I must say that you’re really missing out on a bigger opportunity for income generation.

Chitika Premium publisher accounts will get an automatic upgrade into Select Ads starting March 8, 2010. Using click-prediction technology, Chitika Select Ads will be shown on your site whenever there’s a higher chance for an ad to be clicked.

Chitika Select Ads

Although there are doubts about how the ads would look like compared to the regular search driven ads, publishers still have a way to disable Select Ads from showing up on their site which is pretty much giving its users a choice so there’s no need to panic in case you don’t want additional graphic ads to show up on your pages.

Overall, Chitika has been a great addition to my online revenue generating efforts and will definitely be using it and promoting it to fellow online publishers who haven’t tapped its potential.

I can only look back on those days I have wasted when I was still not using it, I’m glad I joined.

Don’t miss it. Chitika pays out as little as US$10 compared to Adsense’s one hundred. What’s your Chitika story?

Updated: 12May2010

Chitika is having some major problems rendering ads on their publisher’s sites thus resulting to revenue losses for the latter and tons of complaints.