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Backup Your Computer with NovaStor

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Using Your Backup Software Effectively

A shockingly large percentage of home computer users neglect to use computer backup software on a regular basis, leaving critical data and program files vulnerable to damage and loss in the event of a catastrophic failure.  A recent study showed that as many as 92% of people who use a computer regularly do not perform any backup of the computer’s hard drive to avoid risk of losing crucial files and information when the machinery fails, as all machines eventually will.  If you haven’t already, it is time to include yourself in the secure eight percent of computer users who have and use backup software as a part of their data stability system to keep their computer operating despite system crash or other catastrophe.

Benefits of Automation

cloud backupOnce installed and properly set up in your computer, software is generally automated, and will perform regular backups of critical files and new data.  This is an important feature, because it helps to eliminate the human factor of forgetting to perform the back up in a regular timely manner, exposing the system to gaps in backup records that can be costly.  Check the settings on your computer’s operating system, and become familiar with the backup software available to you.  Know how the options of the various settings available will impact your computer use, as backups are best performed when the system is not in use, and, depending on the complexity and extent of the backup, can take some extended time in many cases.  Having a regularly set schedule of computer backup is the important first step toward ensuring that you will not lose critical operating files or data that you have added, from financial or tax records to photos and video and music on your computer, the possibility of total loss of files is too catastrophic to leave to chance.


The backup software from NovaStor.com is designed to perform regularly, on a user-defined schedule appropriate for your data and computing needs.  Regularity of back up process builds extra security into the system, by performing the crucial backup tasks at appointed intervals to be sure to capture all the updated and changed data that could be lost in the event of system crash.

External Storage

Once you have set up your backup system to operate at intervals to save files, you need to export the data to external data storage for added security.  After all, it makes little sense to maintain the backed up copy of critical files on the same device that holds the original files, as any damage to one will likely damage the other in some way.  Some of the best options in external storage of backup data include:

– Flash drive for reasonable amounts of data
– External hard drive with USB connection for larger storage
– Remote storage services

When you have a backup system at work in your computer, including a full stability and security system that includes off-site storage, redundancy of backup, and regular tests of the functionality of the restoration process, you have the reliability and protection that more than ninety percent of home computer users do not have.  With the stability that backup software provides, you will be able to get your system back running rapidly after the inevitable data loss event occurs.

How Leo Backup Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

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This isn’t the second time that I have featured backup software on this site, this time; I’m introducing something new that would definitely boost the interest of many backup software users across the internet.

How ’bout running Leo Backup software on a test drive?

Leo Backup software boosts a comprehensive and simple solution to backup and restore your valuable data in a few clicks, regardless of your network coverage or data amount powered with new capabilities that protects your files from any intrusion using an easy-to-use interface and customizable mechanisms.

Leo backup properties

Security is assured with FTP SSL/TLS and SFTP support capabilities, private key authorization and file encryption through password controlled interface.

Leo Backup also offers automatic backup like most advanced software of its kind, a flexible scheduler, simultaneous program execution, reporting service via email including direct backups of major and most commonly used data.

Leo Backup considers the corporate end-user with its active directory impersonation, special scripting or COM support, unlimited backup sets, and customized versions or company branded backup.

This tool makes an easy backup management with timestamps, incremental backups, compression for files to save space, filtering of files and registry backup in case changes have been made on the system caused by application or software installation and or removal.

Embrace security and backup your data with Leo Backup’s sophisticated features. Try it now and see for yourself!

Download Leo Backup software here.

Perform Multiple Data Transfers plus Backup with Uranium Backup Software

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If you think that data transfers are only exclusive to software like FileZilla and CoreFTP, you might be missing out much in terms of productivity. Files or data backup nowadays are no longer limited to cloud file sharing accounts or using SpiderOak. Now, you can do both—file transfers and data backup in one software. It’s like having an iPad with Wi-Fi capability, or a car with built-in GPS.

Backing up files can be tedious at times and depending on your internet connection it could be a nightmare. But no matter what your situation is, you’ll always end up completing the task and with the aid of better tools to do the job; your task can be a breeze. It’s like having a whisk than using a fork when an electric mixer can’t operate; well at least, this is just to exaggerate the obvious.

Uranium Backup SSL

Uranium Backup software offers the best of both worlds—a file transfer client and a backup tool.
Web developers like yours truly definitely could make use of the FTP (file transfer protocol) feature for SQL Server Backup and Restoration purposes while geeks or PC enthusiasts would appreciate the backup support but Mac users have to be patient ‘til this software becomes compatible to Apple’s OS.

Uranium Backup provides Tape backup (read more about Tape backup) and easily integrates with Windows Backup architecture, and allows to make backup copies of the entire system drive, creating image files that can be used to restore the complete system in case your system goes berserk.

If you think that using this software would limit you to just these techy and a bit boring features, you’re absolutely wrong. Call it your CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Burning partner on the side.

If you’re into doing things automatically, you can schedule backups at any time while doing things that matter to you plus be informed through email notifications if those backups were completed successfully.

Multitasking is what most people do today and if software like Uranium Backup performs multiple tasks at the same time, what more could you ask for? Try Uranium Backup Software now!