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The Buggy Seesmic for Windows

November 26, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

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After the most recent newsletter from Seesmic being able to fix the bug regarding the download link which initially didn’t work, finally I was able to get my hands on this application that has been on the hype since its release.

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Well, Seesmic for Windows is not at all surprising, if you’re familiar with the desktop app and the web app, you really won’t find much of a difference. The interface is very similar—extensible tabs, status update field is there and now with integrated Twitter lists, account activities like mentions, @replies, DMs, RTs and sent items are all there. Don’t be a little excited though because the shrink text feature isn’t there.

The only addition is that it works with Windows 7 but the user interface doesn’t have much to show. I’d rather not use this in place of Seesmic for Desktop and if I’m mobile, I’d surely choose Seesmic Web instead.

Seesmic for Windows is a bit buggy. It freezes occasionally when it updates the tweets and when that happens while you’re typing your status update then you may have to pause and wait until it fixes itself.

A few things I’ve noticed though is that the gear like icon which was supposed to show unfollow and follow feature as well as grouping feature is totally unusable. I don’t know if it was just me but I tried clicking on it on different occasions but to no avail. If you wanted to follow or unfollow somebody, you may have to click the username of the person and the app will open up your browser and you must login to the website in order to complete such a small task.

Opening profiles is rather easy however there’s no place within the profile to send a direct message to the person even though you know that person follows you back or be it a mention to a complete stranger.

It’s not at all very useful if we’re to base the main reason why anyone would want to use this program instead of going to Twitter.com. Unless these bugs can be fixed, then users will have the reason to choose either the Adobe Air based desktop app or this Windows based application.

You may or may not have the same observations as mine but your comments are all welcome.

Mobile Connection Management Unleashed

November 13, 2009 | By | 1 Reply More

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Everything in the world today is becoming mobile from 3G to 4G WWAN wireless networks. Businesses gear-up to these demands of the times in order to survive today’s rapidly changing environment that are largely controlled by mediums that transmit and support information access across various channels.

Mobile connection management tools play a large part in making great things possible such as mobile connectivity and security management for workforce requirements that provide IT management with the aid of a mobile VPN plus added security and authenticated sessions.

Aside from managing diverse mobile devices which include PDAs, Smartphones and other advanced next-generation phones, users also have the ability to customize their experience with personalized services, apps and menus that suits their needs. Some applications even allow calls to be seamlessly switched between cellular networks and WiFi in real-time through VoIP, Instant messaging or IM, Presence, Multimedia exchange and SMS.

Mobile connection management software also provides image compression on camera enabled phones without sacrificing quality as well as special application software with aesthetic and advanced creation tools for developers of 3D animation, games, and digital arts.

Rarely that these information are discussed on blogs and I do at some point find myself overwhelmed but for those of you who may have the idea and want to learn more, you may visit this mobile connection manager website for further information on options which I believe could help further mobilize your business.

Some of the robust solutions highlighted include enterprise options, specialized tools for cable and mobile operators, device and computer manufacturer applications, and amazing tools for small businesses and commercial software for savvy end-users.

Seamless management of multiple wireless networks has been a complete challenge for businesses catering to the mobile market but innovative developers will always find a way to remain competitive and the best move is to entrust your business’ success to those with exclusively granted patents and proven track record. Change is inevitable but those who always find a way to improve will always remain on top of their game.

Yahoo Meme Releases API, Now What?

October 14, 2009 | By | 4 Replies More

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This is definitely the moment everybody’s waiting for especially the developers who are eager to come up with apps that’ll make use of the Meme API.

Yahoo offers it Meme open API built on top of Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) platform which will provide the ability to show information related to Meme users—basically their content. Like other APIs, it utilizes OAuth as a mechanism for authorized access to the content they produce. The entire suite of Meme YQL tables allows you to perform actions such as read, publish, repost, follow, unfollow, comment and delete which was also offered on the Meme site.

It’s mobile version for smartphones according to Yahoo was built using Meme’s API. Though Meme is getting some attention in some selected countries including the Philippines, it seems that Yahoo hasn’t figure out which model works best.

The question now leads us to ask if there would be a lot of third party developers who are willing to jump into this Meme bandwagon. What do you think?

Singles Quiz a La Lovapalooza

September 24, 2009 | By | 1 Reply More

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For people who are just clueless on why they are still single at their age have a lot of reasons be one. It really doesn’t mean that you are to take a relationship too seriously or must take a look at getting your life settled for good like getting married. Sometimes, having a special someone creates balance between work and your personal life.

Quiz by CupidMarket.com
Quiz brought to you by Online Dating

The internet alone offers tons of dating sites both local and international with the ability to interact with its members via chat and email among other means and could either be free or paid. There are also some web services that offer interactive applications engaging users to answer some questions that often provide thought provoking results, humorous but rather rhetorical questions yet most of the time  entertaining.

With most of them being flash-based widgets, you can easily get hooked into it and the moment you get your results depending on your given answers, you simply can’t resist but laugh at yourself because generally most are true. Majority of interactive quizzes talk about personality, relationships, and intelligence to name a few. One of the most interesting ones I have ever come across was this interactive singles quiz website having just 7 questions that squeezes up your inputs resulting into a nifty widget that you can place on your site or blog plus a short statement of truism presented comically because of the funny graphics.

A definitely “must try” web-based application. I’ve tried it myself and the result is obvious, the image above tells it.

Does Clock Widget For Websites Attract Longer Visits?

September 22, 2009 | By | 8 Replies More

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Time tracking is an integral part of human existence. Time as well indefinitely accounts every human action. As a blogger, I tend to track the number of minutes it takes me to complete a 200-word post.

A typical blog visitor normally takes just a few seconds to decide if he is to read a post. Sometimes, it only takes half a second for a website to attract attention that is why a highly responsive web server and an optimized web page can spell the difference.

el reloj del Conejo Blanco - White Rabbit´s clockWhenever I come across a blog, the first thing I consider is the amount of time it would take me to finish a lengthy post. However, there are times that whenever I see Flash clocks/calender widgets embedded within the blog I’m reading, I tend to slow down a bit and watch those cool animated flash widgets move more than simply checking what time it was. There’s like a power of reverse psychology working against me that makes it so inviting thus encouraging me to stay a little longer that I should.

You might want to try embedding an animated time widget that is beautifully designed to probably run an experiment in order to find out if doing so will produce favorable results.

Can Buzzom Desktop take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic?

August 18, 2009 | By More

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I was browsing through Blippr when I came across Buzzom being one of the top apps on the site. It amuses me since this app ranks higher than TweetDeck and Seesmic in terms of the number of blips so I decided to give it a try and these are my observations. I’ll be focusing more on the desktop app than the web interface because I’m pretty much satisfied with it—it provides a nifty unfollow, follow and reciprocal following option not other similar sites can deliver.

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Desktop interface provides an easy (RT) retweet button, a (DM) direct messaging, an @reply, add to buddies or grouping of tweeters option, and allows to hide tweets from selected people you are following without having to unfollow them.

The sidebar on default though shows some suggested groupings of interesting Tweeters you may or may not be following. These “Other Groups” sidebar links are customizable through the settings option. It could be annoying at first if you don’t know how to customize this through the settings but you don’t have to be lost as you simply have to find the “gears” icon in order to change the settings.

The search form on the app can be used to search for Twitter users, terms or keywords, location, and user-specific information and bio however, the search box did not retrieve any information when I tried to search for a particular user that I follow, it could be a bug that needs some fixing. The application can also be used to manage multiple Twitter accounts all at the same time while Tweet streams can be set to auto-refresh or done manually if desired. Tweeters’ names are not clickable which means you may have to type-in their usernames on the “search box” or “find box” for you to see their profile (a big hassle!).

Lastly, it eats up API request real fast just by using it for a few minutes. Not really good since I haven’t received any direct message nor tweeted anything within the few minute timeframe I’ve used it (less than 10 mins). API requests are limited so too many of it may lead to prevent you from following anyone when you’ve reached your limit and may require you to wait for sometime until your next API allotment refreshes.

Buzzom Desktop has a friendly user-interface that is good for those who want to take Tweeting a little bit slow since the status streams cannot be refreshed unless you do so but design-wise, I find it lacking aesthetically compared to TweetDeck. It was definitely a promising Twitter desktop app, though it does require a lot of development for it to take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic.

What’s your take on the Buzzom Desktop app? Have you tried using it?