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It has been a while since we last reviewed a registry cleaning Windows utility tool so I’m quite excited on this one. MaceCraft Software, the maker of jv16 PowerTools 2012, offers its end users the right set of tools to boost Windows PC performance with their wide array of indispensable software that’s fun and easy to use.

jv16 PowerTools 2012 promises to keep your Windows system always running like new. With its various key features, you can never go wrong with it. Among such features are as follows:

Cleaning junk and fixing errors from your PC
Like most utility software, this tool seeks registry errors from your system, junk files, left-over files (those files left from deleted/uninstalled software), and unnecessary log files.

jv16 Power ToolsUninstalls software and delete left over files
Uninstalling a program does not mean it’s totally deleted from your system, some of which leave left-over files or folders that are of no use and eats up hard drive space overtime. It’s necessary thou that we have a special tools like jv16 Power Tools that can permanently eliminate these left-over files during the process of removal.

Optimize and speedup your computer
Part of this utility suite is generally making your system run like new so jv16 PowerTools is designed to replenish Windows performance by altering certain settings and disabling some functions that don’t serve any purpose other than to slow down your computer.

In addition, you can alter star-up programs depending on which ones you’d like to automatically run whenever Windows opens as this may induce longer startup/loading times.

A rare feature that you could find on any utility suite is its ability to immunize your system from malicious websites thus improving your security and privacy. This feature modifies the Windows host file and a list of malicious data is provided by winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm.

Part of this software is an Anti-malware tool that verifies if your download is safe to run. Malware that can be detected includes computer viruses, Trojans, rootkit installers, dialers, and system hijackers.

Recover deleted files
While most utility suites can permanently delete files and those that are left-over during the process however, for accidentally deleted files, this tool allows recovery of these files when necessary. If you’re unaware, emptying the Recycle Bin does not totally delete all the files in there that’s why there are recovery tools that can recover deleted files.

jv16 PowerTools 2012 includes 32 other useful tools and several translations in different languages, plus 60 days fully usable trial copy of the software and it only costs $29.95 to buy.

So there you have it, if you’d like to know more about jv16 PowerTools 2012 and how it can be beneficial to maintaining the smooth performance of your PC, give it a try.

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