Tips in finding a better uninstaller program

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While I’ve been busy for quite sometime, I’ve decided to write about some simple no-brainy tips or pointers in choosing a better uninstaller program for your PC. I’ve been using an uninstaller software for years and I might as well wanted to share with you the reasons why I opted to use one and what I use and how do I go about choosing this great uninstaller program.

First thing to know is what are uninstallers? An uninstaller or deinstaller is a computer program designed to perform removal of all or certain parts of a specific program or application.

While most software vendors include uninstaller within their applications and others claim that uninstallers are just a thing of the past, better think again.

I trust built-in uninstallers within applications or programs but the fact that most of them leave traces and unused junk files within the system where they have been once installed isn’t at all healthy. Why? Because these junk files that come from deleted applications remain permanently on your hard drive if there is an unexpected termination of the application, a system crash, etc. When this happens, it causes reduction of free disk space or may also cause a slower system speed.

With the appearance of various internet security threats such as malwares, viruses, worms, or even tracker spywares, adware or keyloggers, an uninstaller with a logger module could do you a great favor.

A third-party uninstaller is a program used to uninstall a certain application or program other than solely using a built-in uninstaller within an application.

For example, in Windows, you only have to go to the Control Panel and choose Add/Remove Programs to uninstall a software. Also, you may wish to click on Start, choose All programs, then find the uninstall option of the program you wanted to get rid off.

A third-party software does the uninstall by running the software itself. Most uninstallers(third-party) include a logger, uninstaller, analyzer, watcher, and some miscellaneous tools such as junk file cleaner, browser history cleaner and cache cleaner among many others.

So, why do I have to use a third-party uninstaller when in fact, I can just uninstall an application through its built-in uninstaller?

Most complex programs leave traces of third-party components that are sometimes overlooked by software authors thereby having no idea of how to uninstall them. As I have mention earlier, traces of junk files can be prominent. While some programs today are bundled with all kind of add-ons, spyware or not, can be intentionally left on the user’s computer after uninstallation of the main program for tracking purposes made by software manufacturers and distributors which could also be a security issue or can be used by identity thefts or cyber criminals.

The presence of add-ons on some uninstallers today make it merchantable and invaluable. And what are the add-on features that make up a great uninstaller? Well, that’s what I’m going to discuss not until my next post. So better subscribe now and be in the know. Watch out because there are more to come soon!

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