How Do You Open Four Desktop Instances In One PC?

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Users like us who sometimes leave multiple opened applications on our desktop often times battle with how our computer can perform such requests and run those programs without even crashing which was often the end result.

What if there’s a program that provides the ability to open multiple instances of your desktop in one PC without crashing it? It sounds pretty cool huh?

There certainly is nothing so impossible these days because what I’ve just asked you is indeed possible and can be accomplished by Virtual Desktops.



Virtual Desktops such as WindowsPager enable the opening of multiple instances of desktop interface in one desktop PC simply by switching them like tabs, similarly a desktop switcher or pager. This gives you a better overview of your different running applications on several desktops. Again, don’t be confused here because what we are talking about is just one desktop computer.

In order to switch from one desktop to another, simply click on the small preview boxes on your taskbar or hold CTRL + (1-4), choose the desktop number you’d like to open.

Four Possible Virtual Desktops in WindowsPager

Four Possible Virtual Desktops in WindowsPager

To move a program from one desktop to another, simply right-click the chosen program and move it to your desired desktop window. Basically, the instances of your opened virtual desktop are defaulted to four and it can’t be controlled though just to show fewer instances, a limitation of this free software.

I have tried this software and here are the applications I’ve set up for each opened desktop.

Desktop 1: Outlook Express for my domain emails.
Desktop 2: I’ve run my Revo Uninstaller to remove a particular program I no longer use and it works effectively without affecting the overall performance of the system. It doesn’t slow down the system or crash it. Even though uninstallers use large virtual memory when run and oftentimes tend to freeze up other running programs especially browsers in case it’s opened when you run it, this time, it ignores it perfectly.
Desktop 3: A windows image folder.
Desktop 4: Firefox browser with 5 tabs of different web pages, MS Word, and a currently running Yahoo Messenger desktop client.

As you can see, these programs and apps are all running at the same time on different virtual desktops. The savviest part though is it doesn’t even slow down your computer and switching from one desktop to another is seamless and executing software in between desktops is a breeze.

WindowsPager is indeed a very powerful and useful piece of tool which you can bring anywhere you need because it’s a zip file, so there’s no need for installation and it works well on Windows Vista/7/XP/2000 OS.

If you wanted to experience the difference of Virtual Desktops, simple head on this link to download. Enterprise and corporate users however, should look at the Virtualization page for large-scale network solutions.

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