A Closer Look at WinASO Registry Optimizer

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I have talked about registry optimizers on this blog on numerous occasions but this time, it’s going to be about a shareware known as WinASO Registry Optimizer (Windows Advanced System Optimizer) developed by XMY LLC.

To brush up on our registry software knowledge, these utility tools fixes and restores registry errors caused by leftover files from failed installation or incomplete removal of programs from your computer.

Once these clutter completely clogged the registry, it will then cause major slow downs on startup and shutdown plus sporadic freezing of running programs or executables or crashing of applications while in use.

Registry optimizers will then save the system from collapsing and major trouble by automatically clearing up the registry from dormant files, unwanted and broken links, and missing registry entries thereby replenishing the system’s original performance making it responsive to various operations.

WinASO Registry Optimizer

WinASO Registry Optimizer

Unlike most registry optimizers, WinASo Registry Optimizer provides an advance feature that can help resolve IE problems, privacy cleaner for cleaning up browser history, start-up manager for controlling startup apps from loading, and a built-in defrag functionality.

Given the features above, it only makes optimizing your computer a lot easier because right after cleaning your browsers, folders and registry, it then provides you with the defrag functionality that allows compression of data within your hard disk thereby freeing more space. This latter option then is something that is not mostly found on regular registry cleaners.

Using registry optimizer have a lot of advantages but always remember not to totally delete all registry detected entries unless you back them up and you’re sure of what you’re doing. That’s basically the toughest challenge on registry cleaners because you don’t want to end up scraping out functional registry entries that may leave some of your programs damaged.

You might want to Download WinASO Registry Optimizer trial version for a full run and see if it passes your standard.

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  1. I will try to check it in my lab and will try to compare it with available free alternative. Thanks for this info.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Manage Your Twitter Account Right From Microsoft Outlook With Free TwInbox Addon =-.

  2. Whenever my computer at home or the one at the office slows down, I either suspect some worm or virus behind it, or yeah, a clogged registry. The registry however is some delicate piece of work that when mis-handled even very slightly will cause a major headache. That’s why, instead of messing up with it manually, I would just opt to re-format and re-install everything. That was when my computer was fairly new and have only a few applications in it. Now, I find myself hesitating to take the ‘re-format’ solution because I have no way of insuring that all important applications (which has grown considerably numerous) can be re-installed successfully as I may have lost the keys and serials of these apps.

    Registry Optimizers seem the only way to go in this case. I’m hoping, like Arafat, to find some free version of this apps though, as I think my pocket is not that keen on shelling out some precious bucks for an app that (although very helpful) seldom gets used. 🙂
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..DoFollow: CommentLuved Finally =-.

  3. Mathdelane says:

    It’s nice to see you back. You might want to try PC Sleek Registry Cleaner. I’ve used it before and it was fast and rather safe to use compared to CCleaner.

    I agree with what you’ve said. Although registry cleaners are pretty useful but since they are less used compared to other programs, you might want to use a free alternative instead.
    You may also try PC Sleek, same with Arafat. Check it out if it works for you.
    Regarding your trouble with re-formating, you might want to install Belarc Advisor. You’ve read my post about it last time here. You can get all your license keys using that software for safe keeping before you even decide to re-install/reformat just in case.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Oh yeah, that was advisor.exe that was sitting in my downloads folder. So I won’t forget again, I installed it and run it. Well, look at that, I got a pageful of data from Belarc. So many information I don’t know where to begin looking. 🙂 There are even a lot of terms I have no idea about: Memory Modules, CIS Benchmark Score, etc.

    Cool, thanks for reminding me about it Math.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Photo Fun =-.

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