Why AVG 9.0 Free Falls Short to Please?

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Before AVG 9.0 was released in the market, I have been using this software for quite sometime in fact, I even featured this so many times as the software that saved my PC from Conficker however I certainly believe that end-users still has the final say and things should always change for the better whenever possible.

It may sound a bit ironic compared to the previous praises for the software I gave but all I’m after now is value. Are you willing to keep something that hasn’t improved overtime or maybe improvements that you can get only if you’re willing to pay?

At the onset, I was excited about the improvements but seeing the benefits on a free user’s point of view, I didn’t get much of what I’ve expected.

First, AVG fails to reach its goal of 50% reduction in scan times. I’ve tested it (see screenshot below).

AVG Anti-Virus Free 9.0

AVG Anti-Virus Free 9.0

AVG normally scans my PC for 2 hours and 45 minutes but now, it has been reduced to 2 hours approximately, close to 27% improvement in scan time but not exactly the faster way to go.

AVG 9.0 Product Overview

AVG 9.0 Product Overview

User interface didn’t really changed that much maybe because I’m a free user and some of the benefits of paid users added in the menu aren’t highlighted.

Identity theft protection is not available for free versions so don’t expect that much security.

If AVG is really sincere enough in keeping their users like me free from online threats, they should have at least thought of keeping this functionality for free minus the paid support if what they argue is getting revenue for the cost of keeping those services delivered via email or phone which is totally understandable.

Protection from web forgery is pretty important and if the above functionality is available for free users, it’s going to be an added value plus long-term benefits for them.

If AVG doesn’t have an aim of monopolizing the antivirus market by making a salient feature free, then somewhere along the line, competitors will definitely find a way to capitalize this loophole.

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  1. Robert says:

    Nice post! I used to use AVG, then I switched to Avast! and kept to it for a while. I tried MSE not expecting much, and I was amazed at it’s capability. I doubt I’ll ever use anything else!
    .-= Robert@CoolAppSite´s last blog ..5 Best Web Apps of 2009 =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Back in the days when I was starting out, I used to consider what the blog owner would think of me when I leave a comment on their blog.

    Most of the time, I leave a good impression instead of self promotion and I try to read any comment policy in place.

  3. Computer Repair says:

    I use AVG as well and have been pretty satisfied with what they offer, including 9.0 version. I have also been considering using the Avast software, what are your thoughts on that program?

  4. Mathdelane says:

    I really haven’t tried Avast longer than a week, the last time I remembered using it was just for a day. I hated the false positives and the obtrusive pop-up messages so I removed it right away.

    Pls. note that I no longer allow keywords on the name field as per my comment policy that’s why I unlinked your URL.

  5. After having reformatted my computer (after my experience with trojans and thereafter my blog being hacked), I installed AVG free version (or its 30-day trial version). Turns out, based on your review here, that I may have to stay on my toes and not relax yet as I may not have been securely covered by AVG.

    I really am so concerned about security now. I guess this is a natural effect after learning things the hard way. I am even considering going for paid virus scanners. Should I go that way, I also am wondering which one will serve my purpose best and give me best returns for my investment?
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..H-a-ck-ed! =-.

  6. Mathdelane says:

    The Identity theft protection functionality is not available for free versions however, your system could still remain secure if you’re using a trusted spyware like Spybot. Although having the add-on could bring added benefit, Keyscrambler encrypts your keystrokes to stay away from Keyloggers that might steal your online login information.

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