What is a Physics-based Software?

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STK by AGI (Analytical Graphics, Inc.) is described by Wikipedia as a “physics-based software package”. This package was formulated to allow scientists and engineers to analyze aspects of ground, sea, air, and space to observe and determine the position and attitude of applications either in real-time or as a speculative endeavor. For example, this software could allow the analysis of projected weather patterns to determine their effect upon the environment and climate.

An advantage of STK is that the software is able to simultaneously connect with various organizations such as NASA, Northrup Grumman, and the Civil Air Patrol and instant collaboration with colleagues.

There are several usages that are suggested by AGI:

Fuse Everything

o Load & create any land, sea, air or space vehicle position and orientation
o Combine with places, GIS data or imagery
o Add sensors for field of view
o Leverage geometries, vectors, coordinate systems, and reference frames

See Everything Anytime

o View your entire system across time from any viewpoint
o Display realistic 3D models
o Use smooth, time-dynamic and 3D visualization

Measure Performance

o Model limitations including geometric, line of sight, and field of view
o Report, graph, and vary qualitative and quantitative metrics
o Work in time domain, and set event triggers

Share Results

o Give interactive results with stored views and camera paths
o Easily create professional images and movies
o Collaborate with colleagues

This geophysical instrument at AGI.com and a free demo download is available to allow you to grasp the possibilities of the product.

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