Weapon Closet: The Anti-Stress Software on the Planet!

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Most of you may have yet encountered real anti-stress software. Well, I’m not talking about gaming softwares like Solitaire, Minesweeper, or anything that can be found on your computer that comes with Windows.

I’m talking about the real deal anti-stress software that I have long been using which was indeed stress relieving.

Weapon Closet Anti-Stress Software

Weapon Closet Anti-Stress Software

The Weapon Closet is pretty light executable software that requires no installation. All you need to do is run the software and voila…instant stress relief. Highly recommended for working people who are normally in front of their computers and finds no outlet to expel those unhealthy emotions.

What is this software all about? It only contains these pretty destructive tools such as Hammer, Chainsaw, Machine Gun, Laser, Termites, Rubber Stamp, Water Gun, Color Splatter, and a Flame Thrower. Once you open up the program, all you have to do is select which among those tools you are going to use to mess up your desktop screen. Seriously, yes! you’ll be messing up your desktop screen like it was never your office’s equipment and like you don’t care at all.

messed up desktop screen using Weapon Closet Anti-stress software

messed up desktop screen using Weapon Closet Anti-stress software

The best thing about this though is after having a blast destroying your company’s property is you won’t be liable for it. Can’t believe it? You should because all you ever did was made in a virtual screen. It’s an executable file developed using a visual programming tool called Peter developed by www.gemtree.com and is copyrighted by Ing. Miroslav Nemecek. The software is a freeware, primarily a desktop game but not your typical desktop game that requires you to think because this one just makes you do whatever you want. Strictly, no rules.

If you’re excited about using this software, then head on to this link to download. Enjoy and share your experience!

Last updated: 30 March 2011

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  1. Zenny Rosel says:

    Oh this is actually very great… Anti Stress Software? I never heard about this before.. But seems that this is very helpful for Stressfull people.

  2. frank says:

    That’s some great advice, I’ve had a problem with stress for most of my life. It wasn’t until I finally decided to open up and talk to my best friend about my problems that I finally found the solution to my answer. She too had experienced panic attacks for most of her life, and like me never wanted to tell anyone. Surprisingly it wasn’t therapy that she suggested. She helped me realize that in order to successfully cure my panic attacks that I’d have to take action myself.

  3. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Frank,
    I hope that everything’s going on your way. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  4. Alex says:

    Hey, whatever relieves the stress, more power to you. Stress has to be relieved, like a tea kettle. I would not mind blowing up my desktop, that could be fun. I like Tai Chi and Qi Gong to help me maintain balance in the universe. I have to try this software, it looks like fun!
    .-= Alex@Panic Attacks Causes´s last blog ..Panic Attacks Causes Me To Take Action =-.

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