Understanding the Value of Software Testing

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Software development doesn’t end after programming codes. Applications designed for special use or specific operating system undergoes a very crucial process which is testing to find out if it serves its purpose.

As developers become more focused on creation and development, they tend to outsource their testing requirements to more experienced professionals that specializes in web application automated testing.

This approach not only lessens their responsibilities but also provides them with a security blanket that the third-party testing company will provide them with an honest and objective feedback which will help them improve their software before it’s even released to the public.

There are many software testing scenarios where small and medium enterprise businesses can venture into depending on their needs which includes mobile applications testing, web applications testing, enterprise applications testing, cloud applications testing and big data applications testing.

As the number of mobile users increase over the last few years, let me focus on the nature of mobile application testing. Mobile application development has become a platform for businesses to increase their revenue and to market their products and services as the number of smartphone users increased their demand for mobile apps.

Tablet computers even added to the demand for apps that not only work for phones but on the tablets as well making the industry for mobile apps development an increasingly lucrative venture.

Having said this, 15-22% of all website traffic since 2012 all came from phones and tablets thus making businesses more attracted to the idea of developing their own mobile applications catered specifically to mobile and tablet users for increased revenue and larger market reach.

Consequently, mobile applications development grew in demand as well as the need to adopt into different platforms (operating systems), display sizes of screens, and device features. This is where the need for a third-party testing service comes into play. The system will then emulate and automate the testing process of the mobile application to ensure that they will work on different platforms, devices and hardware it’s designed for.

So the next time you download an application for your phone or tablet and it works perfectly, that means the company is just as serious as making their users happy than making money.

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