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Working as a freelance web developer for more than a year now, I have had clients from various industries and one of which was a third-party logistics provider. Though I cannot disclose the nature of their business in particular the tools they use and even their name as this may conflict with this featured post, let’s just say they also use a similar type of software.

3PL CentralThe demands of 3pl (3rd party logistics) software in today’s global environment is high since savvy 3PL professionals require a 3PL Warehouse Management Software that provides real-time information on demand which must be accurate, easy-to-use and cost effective in order to stay competitive in the industry.

With this in mind, 3PL Central has focused their efforts in developing Public Warehouse Management (WMS) Software designed for 3PL’s.

The significance of real-time information provides up-to-date electronic data interchange (EDI) and other features and benefits that provide information through web-based tools that are reliable, innovative and efficient which are all vital in managing all supply chain components including—general inventory, warehouse and shipping orders, cost estimation, accounting and billing and reporting customer relations issues.

Most of the cost benefits of using 3PL Central’s Warehouse Management Software is that you only pay what you use, no contracts required, subscribe only for scale of service you need, and usually starts at less than $500 per warehouse.
Want to know more? Visit their website for more information.

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