Software to Protect Laptops from Being Stolen

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What would you do if your laptop gets stolen?
A. Call for help and find out who took it.
B. Forget it, move on and just buy something new.
C. I don’t know. I have no idea.

It seems like a difficult question to ask but what if it happens to you? The first option is a natural response. Who would ever want somebody to just simply get away from stealing another’s property?

The second option is something I’ve made up but I’m not really sure if it’s going to be the initial reaction of anybody who’ll be in that situation. What do you think?

For the last option, I would not blame anybody who’ll be in the same state. It would be shocking at first but you don’t have to be in a helpless situation. There’s free software that is designed to protect laptops from being stolen.



LAlarm, free laptop alarm security software designed to safeguard laptops from being stolen. LAlarm buzzes an alarm whenever a laptop is in danger of being stolen or losing data. It can even recover and destroy data if the laptop is stolen.

An alarm is normally triggered whenever the AC power cord from a locked laptop is removed. Ideal for laptops left unattended in an unsafe place for a particular time period.

LAlarm protects sensitive data in a laptop by permanently destroying all its data with the option of having all its data emailed to the owner even before it’s destroyed and it can also be used to wipe out all its data at the end of laptop lifecycle. It can also trigger the alarm if the laptop is placed outside an acceptable perimeter.

Among the many features of the software include laptop damage prevention due to sudden power loss, prevents data loss for both physical and logical disk problems, laptop failure prevention by detecting signs of HDD deterioration and recommends HDD replacement at an early stage, plus the ability to send SMS or email to mobile phones whenever an alarm goes off or when a data destruction is completed.

For technical concerns about the software, don’t hesitate to contact the developer’s site. This software was personally suggested by Mr. James Lee, General Manager at LAlarm (via contact us) and this post was written in gratis as a friendly response.

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  1. Avery says:

    Looks like a good idea, I’m a bit curious about their implementation. I mean it would be a shame if you inadvertently triggered the data deletion… I really wonder about the feature to email your data to you, that could be quite a big message. (Assuming the laptop has internet access at the time.)
    .-= Avery@ppt security´s last blog ..Blackberry Outage – Blackberry Internet Service spotty today =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    I can only assume that the email feature would send some links containing the files instead of the files themselves. I can’t imagine huge amount of files being transferred to an email automatically.

    I wish I could provide much detail on the email feature implementation but unfortunately a laptop is still on my wish list. I suppose you have a laptop so why not try downloading the software and find out, it’s free anyway.

  3. refurbished laptops says:

    Why not place a small gps tracker. This seems much better idea

  4. Mathdelane says:

    That could be possible too. How much do you think it would cost?

  5. Godwin says:

    This is good innovation. But like Mathdelane I am wondering – If like me, you edit personal videos on your laptop. How soon will LAlarm have all of these video files moved to my mailbox?

  6. Mathdelane says:

    Assuming the need to do so for emergency issues arise, I assume that links would be made available to your email with the updated contents if the editing happened prior. Like what I’ve mentioned here, it would not be possible for them to send the file literally from the laptop to your email.

    Data may be secured on a virtual server, I suspect. But I’ll try to dig in for answers regarding this from the developer.

  7. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Guys,
    Here’s an important information shared by James Lee of LAlarm:

    Due to the Gmail restriction, some files can not be uploaded. For example a file whose size is greater than 25MB or any executable program files. Gmail also restricts the free user account disk quota to few Giga bytes. Some other restrictions also exist. The data recovery process requires an Internet connection.

    In this regard, you may have to move the .exe file or executable file to your compressed folder in order for you to be able to upload it as an attchment to your email as .zip file.

    This data recovery function is not intended to substitute the daily backup. If you have important data on your laptop, you should backup the data daily. See knowledge base article 13 (

    Also the knowledge base says you can use ftp (file transfer protocol) if you need to recover a large amount of data: (

  8. Taufiq Hasan says:

    Haha,,maybe it will never happens to me, because I don’t have a laptop.. 😀 What if the laptop is turned off? Is the program still working?
    .-= Taufiq Hasan´s last blog ..HootSuite, Easier to Share with Bookmarklet =-.

  9. Mathdelane says:

    In that case, there comes in the FTP and saving files on your own. The laptop of course wouldn’t sound when turned off! 🙂

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