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Getting rid of duplicate files on your computer can actually do a lot with improving your system performance by freeing up spaces on your hard drive.

I find this really helpful since I’m blogging on a 13GB HD that’s why every kilobyte matters. And how would you remove those duplicate files on your PC without the hassle of going over each folder?

Easy Duplicate Finder effectively does the job of determining dupe files on your computer so you can free up your computer’s hard drive to achieve a better performance, speed up indexing, and reduce back up size and time.

Easy Duplicate Finder

The duplicate file finder software checks for duplicate photos, documents, spreadsheets, and MP3s among others while at the same time providing the option to users to either remove the files permanently, move them into the recycle bin for future recovery or renaming duplicate files using prefixes in case of testing which files are really intended for deletion.

While moving deleted files into the recycle bin can be useful for accidental file deletion, it doesn’t contribute on freeing up disk space since the physical presence of the file itself is still on the computer.

This software definitely resolves duplicate file problems in less the time and effort plus its intuitive user interface makes it easy to maneuver aside from the fact that it scans faster compared to any software of its kind.

It can be a little tricky at first but like I said, it’s very easy to use and there’s no reason for you to mess up with your files in case you got lost along the way. Download the software here and start cleaning the clutter on your computer today.

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  1. Well! I can’t imagine a 13GB HD now, I have 250GB and I still feel I need some more as I install too many OS in it’s virtual environment in test purpose. Very soon I’m going to analysis my working habit, so I’m going to record my screen and that’s why I may add more space soon. I always believe this type of tool more than useful in educational institution where usually we saw lot of same file in different folders.
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  2. Mathdelane says:

    I know but that’s the only thing I have. Hopefully I could get a bigger HD soon or at least an external HD. This software allows me to track duplicate MP3s on my PC and since I have limited amount of disk space, I need to get rid of those dupe files as much as possible.

  3. Tomin says:

    thanks for you to take your time to publish this idea. Before i used a method to simply search within the windows explorer with a size constraint. any way this will be useful for me

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