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Based on my previous post entitled, “Conficker can damage MP3 players not just USB drives: AVG Antivirus Software detects and removes Conficker from my ZEN Stone MP3 Player“, I have mentioned that I’ve lost all my MP3 files along side the Conficker worm that infected my Zen Stone Mp3 player.

While it’s not a good thing to lose all those things that you’ve worked hard downloading and searching on the net, I’ve figured out a solution to beat this issue. Why not try to recover the lost files instead of re-downloading and re-searching them online? Sounds good, right?

Yes, it was a fact and indeed the best thing to do when you badly want those things you’ve lost back to life. It’s a matter of resourcefulness and thinking out of the box. So, did I succeed in recovering my corrupted MP3 files? Of course, I wouldn’t be writing about it if I haven’t. Want to know what I did?Well, I just simply researched on some software that would help recover data or files. A data or file recovery software or tool allows users to recover data from all popular file systems in situations from accidental file deletion, formatted hard drives, damaged or deleted partitions, to total erasure by a virus wherein the latter of which applies to my MP3 Player’s files.

One of the best data recovery software so far that I’ve used is the PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery Software developed by CONVAR Germany. PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery is the only data-recovery program for Flash Card, Smart Media, SONY Memory Stick, IBM Micro Drive, Multimedia Card and Secure Digital Card.

If you have accidentally deleted pictures, videos or audio files from your media, formatted the media or have removed the media during the write process, the software can single handedly reconstruct the corresponding data.

I’ve tried and tested this software on a recently burned data CD that contains photo and video files that are corrupted (due to an incompetent burning software I happen to have experimented) and this worked amazingly well. It was able to recover most of the video files although the time spent was a bit longer that what I’ve expected though generally I could say this is far better than most commercial data recovery softwares pretending to be excellent when in fact the trial versions cannot even deliver. So, this one is a standout.

The other file recovery software that I use was the MultiStage Recovery software which was developed by Enplase Research. Now, this data recovery software is the main reason why my MP3 files had been saved from total deletion due to the Conficker worm infection that invaded my Zen Stone MP3 player. Multistage Recovery software

is fast and highly efficient whose functions speak enough for its purpose. A really powerful tool that I never had expected to do wonders but it’s all worth it. The software may not be free but considering the usefulness of this software is worth investing.

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